Monday, June 23, 2014

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As my life is finally getting settled and we are becoming situated in our new home, I'm trying to rediscover who *I* am, and in that I'm redefining my 'southern roots' and getting back to my relaxed country side. My blog will continue to be focused on being a single mother, but also on the changes I'm going through, both with my goals, my new home and my soul.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Frozen's 'Let it Go' Sing-Along Performed at Walt Disney World Resort | ...

So I'm taking Princess to Disney this year and I could not be more excited. So I've been working on the plans for our trip and was randomly going through youtube looking for some videos and came across this and was just blown away by these kids who knew the words so well, and the motions and were singing with such pure happiness. Its exactly how Princess looks when she sings this song, and for some reason this made me a touch emo and made me tear up a little! Adorable!!

Our trip is in 55 days and believe me I'm counting down! It will be Princess's first trip, my 3rd I think. I'm so excited and have so many fun things planned out for us, including meeting Ann & Elsa!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

20 years

So my baby niece is graduating from high school tomorrow. I can't believe its already time. Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital waiting for her to be born or hosting a baby shower full of pink and giggling girls in the 'clubhouse' across from my house. Her mother and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Well, I can remember some of our first interactions. I want to say one was the day she was left at the mall while shopping for an outfit-that maybe was even our first time to meet. Another friend of ours introduced us, which I find hilarious considering her husband was my 2nd friend when I moved to our 'hometown' at the end of 9th grade. I almost think I knew him for almost a year before I became friends with her-maybe not a year, but at least it was through the summer into the new school year our sophomore year. This is all back in our high school days in Lil D. So about 20ish years ago.

My niece was one of the best things I could have hoped for. I loved that tiny person from the moment I held her the first time. Being a first time mommy is a struggle, but I knew she would be a wonderful mother. However, I had no idea she would turn that tiny curly haired big-eyed little baby into a gorgeous, talented, smart, and truly amazing young lady (who happens to be a mini version of her mother!). My niece has the power and intellect to control the world, and as she walks across that stage tomorrow, closing one chapter and preparing for a new one, I know I will be ugly crying, but the pride I have in her determination  will be shining through. She has picked a wonderful college to attend in the fall, and she had her choice of many top schools! Her smarts gave her several choices of colleges to accept, and I'm thrilled she won't be too far away from home, cause I know that makes her momma happy. I just have a new Texas school to cheer for I guess! She has been one of my own daughter's favorite people her whole 5 years on this planet, and has been a perfect person for her to look up to. She is the reflection of her mother, both in the size of her heart, her strength and her looks. I swear her senior photos look like they could have been taken 18 years ago of her mother. She has been raised by her parents with love and encouragement to be whatever she wants, and I know she will be successful and a positive influence on this Earth. Which is exactly what the world needs more of. Can you tell I'm proud of her? Can you also tell I'm crying as I write this? Its all passed too quickly.

This photo melts my heart every single time.
Over the last 20 years, my best friend has always been by my side at heart and in spirit. We have had our share of weird and random adventures. I have more memories with her than anyone else I can think of.  The surprise 18th birthday party she threw for me at the skating rink where younger boys kept knocking us down to peek down her shirt, the big cake fight (chocolate cake in the hair is really hard to clean out), our mornings before work stopping at Grandy's for the delicious (although it probably was actually gross) breakfast buffet before heading over to wait tables with all our college friends and my mom and all those random yet fun days working the EC. She set me up with a couple of guys, she covered for me, she supported me, she listened to me cry over boys, and shared my joy over making drill team even when she didn't. We danced together, taught kids together (Showtime!), we got stuck on the Cliffhanger together and managed to knock heads a few times on the Texas Giant at Six Flags. We coordinated Halloween costumes for several years. She always put our friendship first and though I don't think we ever had any fights, I knew she would always be there for me no matter what. And I for her-Monkey and Lil One (where did we get those names?!?!). Her friendship is exactly what I thought having a sister would be like.

Showtime recital 1995ish

We haven't been close in terms of distance over the last few years, but I know she will always be there for me. When I got pregnant expectantly she checked on me constantly, threw me a baby shower, and was in the delivery room with me when Princess was born. So alongside my mom, Aunt Winny was there to welcome Princess into the world. She has been the best person I could imagine to be Princess's aunt and I know Whit loves her as much as I love those kids of hers-all 3 of them! She is the ultimate Super Mom. She inspires me to be the creative, helpful, always on the go mom. When Princess started cheer I knew I wanted to be the kind of "Cheer Mom" that Whit is. She is always involved, always volunteering, always putting her kids first and making them proud of her. She is there for everyone, and because of that and her unselfish heart, others are always there for her. Its obvious how well loved she is because she truly is a good person. She is inspiring in every sense of the word. She's had rough times and I know if I'd been in her situation a few times I would have wanted to give up, but she never has. She has pushed through, fought like hell and every single time comes out the winner. There isn't anyone I would want by my side more than her.

Princess's Pirate Bday Party 2013
Best friend, you have always been there for me, you have always inspired me and without your friendship I wouldn't know the meaning of a true friend or of a sister. I love you with my whole heart and I am so proud of you and the incredible children you have raised. You are the perfect example of strength, character and heart. I will always be there for you, no matter what.

P!nk Concert 2013

Wedding time! 199....??