Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sick baby

What a rough few days. The Princess caught a stomach bug and has been sick since Thursday night. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your child so sick and know that you just can't make it better. She started off vomiting Thurs and continued into the night. At 4 am I went in to comfort her and ended up sleeping on her bedroom floor next to her bed. She just laid around all day Friday. we missed her very first school party. I know she doesn't know that, but I do, and I was so disappointed for her. She was going to be such an adorable little Chef!

Last night she seemed a tiny bit better, but moved from the vomiting to the disgusting diapers. I'll spare you details, but let me just say its disgusting. She woke up at 4 am again (seems to be her favorite time of the day) and just did not want to go back to sleep. So I finally turned on her tv, made us both a pallet on the floor and she finally laid down to sleep again at 5 am, on the floor next to me. So a second night of sleeping on the floor in her room.

Today I took her out to the mall for the festival they were having-not toddler friendly for sure. The rest of our day consisted of Walmart, lunch with Gramma and playing with her new shopping cart which she loved.

Its now almost 7 pm, the Rangers are on, the house is peaceful, and I'm hoping to sleep in my own bed all night tonight!

Perhaps I should invest in an air mattress....or a bed lower to the ground.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


FOUR whole days away from work!! Tomorrow I'm going to go to happy hour with Casey-2 sexy single gals hitting up either Uptown, Addy, or Legacy-depends on where we think the hot bachelors will be *wink wink*.
Friday I'm taking Princess to the fair with my other area Marchies.
Mmmmmm fried food and great weather!!

Saturday CoCo is getting married!! I'll even actually enjoy the wedding instead of being bitter that I'm single. I'm so happy for her and Ryan and I'm looking forward to a beautiful wedding.

Sunday will be relaxing at home with my lil princess!

I'm really happy to finally be getting back into a normal active life.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Finally making progress....

On my apartment! I've finally got pics on the walls, some stuff put up/away, and a couple of furniture pieces to sort of round it out. Still trying to really make it feel like 'home'. Its getting there!! I want to be able to invite some girls over for a wine night soon, but I want my apartment to be all put together.

Surprisingly Big Lots had alot of good stuff today. Of course I was all the way out in G-town-apparently they have better buyers than mine here does!

So, slowly but surely its getting there!!

Wine night in November!!

Friday, October 08, 2010


I was always active. I ran, I danced, I cheered, I played volleyball. I worked in restaurants for most of my life. Running around a hot restaurant, drinking and dancing at night, and living on ramen & grilled turkey sandwiches will pretty much keep you thin. I usually stayed right around 130 pounds. I looked good, I felt sexy, I loved my body and had confidence.

Then, I met a guy who I thought I was in love with. We moved in together, and I realized he was an alcoholic who emotionally abused me. He would rather spend time with his friend Patron and strip clubs and spend all of 'our' money on strippers and tequila then spend time with his girlfriend. I became depressed, gained ALOT of weight. We broke up and started getting back into my restaurant 'shape'. Back to working double shifts and drinking my dinner while dancing the fat away. I got back to my 'sexy legs' that all the guys at Tia's CONSTANTLY commented on. I felt like my sexy self again.

Then another rollercoaster relationship and I gained more weight back. We broke up, I moved and got active again. I also started working with a personal trainer and although I didnt really get my weight EXACTLY where I wanted it, I felt good about my body. Then I got pregnant! Sheesh, can I catch a break for my weight???

Now I'm trying very hard to focus on getting my Goddess mentality back. I'm trying to eat better, I'm incorporating some walks with Princess into my weekly routine, and trying to make sure I focus 100% on our 2 weekly workouts at work.

I'm determined to get my body back.