Monday, November 08, 2010

The 'Date'

It wasn't really a 'DATE'. Well, maybe it was....if so it honestly is my idea of a perfect date! J picked me up and we went to the suite for the Mavs game. Another coworker was there with his date/friend/girl-whatever she was, I liked her, she was fun!  We watched the Mavs game and had a couple of beers in our suite (Mavs lost dang it!). Co-Worker wanted us to go to Lotus with him and his girl after the game. J said we could go, but only for one drink since he'd been at work all day and had to work the next morning....yeah, then we get there and CoWorker immediately orders him 2 Crown & cokes! And he knows the bartender, so when I say coke, it was literally a splash...

Lotus is definitely a 'trendy' spot. Lots of 20-something girls in tiny skirts and high heels and lots of dudes trying to be cool. We had a great time, it was really like 'old times'. We drank, laughed, joked, and just had a great time. It was weird because it really was just like the old times but a good weird. I definitely enjoyed the evening out. But what do you expect when you let me watch the Mavs, then party at a super trendy club? It was a perfect night out for me!!

Oh, and I did sleep alone, just in case anyone had any dirty thoughts....


  1. Thank you very much for the update! (; I'm glad you had a great time and hopefully we can hang out some this coming weekend! Oh how we miss those Kona nights! Haha! Much love to you and Molly!

  2. Yes, the Kona nights are missed for sure!! We miss you guys and I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Too bad J is going to be out of town :( Maybe I can convice him to take a trip to Horeshoe Bay soon!! ;)