Friday, November 05, 2010

Sweet November

Usually October is my favorite month, however, this October didn't end quite as well as I'd hoped, with a sick toddler and sick mommy! She missed her very first school party, which just broke my heart. I know, she has NO idea she missed it, but I do. She didn't even get to wear her costume out of the house! Good thing its part of pretend play so she is getting use out of it anyhow.

The good that has happened though, is her dad and I are talking now. Lots of fun texting, and quite possibly a date tomorrow night! Well, the Mavs game-best date I can think of!! If we don't get the tickets, then I'll be heading out to P-town to have some drinks with some girlfriends, and to meet up with an old restaurant friend to help celebrate her birthday! I'm also spending lunch tomorrow with my high school girlfriends, some that I haven't seen in quite awhile. So tomorrow will be a really fun day for me, and lucky Princess gets to spend the weekend with her other family, the Clarks, enjoying time with her cousins and giving her aunt her baby fix! I'm so excited for them to see her and see how much she has changed since they last had her (which I can't even remember when that was-over 3 months for sure!). And I'm incredibly grateful for an evening out!

I've been considering getting a nanny for one or two nights a week, so that I can go and do things like meet a friend for happy hour, or have a date, or just go grocery shopping without distraction or get a pedicure. Its hard sometimes to remember that I need to do things for myself every once in awhile because I'm completely focused on doing things FOR princess and catering to her. I think my daughter might be a bit spoiled and I'm totally ok with that!! But taking care of mommy is important too, and having time every once in awhile to do what I need to do will just insure that I'm the best mommy I can be.

Looking forward to a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Can't wait to see you next weekend! Let me know how date night goes! (;

  2. Having a set night or two each week when you can go out is a wonderful idea! Gotta take care of mommy, too!