Saturday, September 17, 2011

Going Full Tilt

So the new round of Camp Gladiator started this past Monday. I'm now going FIVE days a week. yep. FIVE. Everyday. At 5:30 am. A year ago I would have thought I was crazy. But now, I look forward to my workouts. I actually enjoy the full 60 mins of sweat, competition, commradarie, and encouragement I get. With the exception of the few hours I spend with Princess M, that hour is the BEST hour of my day. It wakes me up, energizes me, makes me feel great (although sore more often than not) and just transforms my days. I feel better about life in general. I have a much more positive outlook on my day. It encourages me to make better fueling choices during the day. I spent an hour busting my ass into shape, I shouldn't negate it all by eating chicken nuggets, or french fries or any of the other junk I used to eat. I'm making better choices (salads, light wraps etc.) and watching my portions much better. I'm also drinking nothing but water all day at work. I've gone several days stretches without having a sweet tea or Dr. Pepper. I havent cut them out completely (yet) but I am atleast going for much longer periods of time without having one, and if I do, I usually cut down on the amount. Just enough to give me the taste and then be done. I've noticed the changes in my workouts. I'm less windy after the "run to the second light pole and back" although now I'm walking to help out my leg. We did 1 arm planks on Friday and I actually held them the whole time. I can *almost* hold a regular plank the full amount of time. I'm getting more flexible, thankfully David likes to do stretches at the end of our workouts plus I do stretches at night. I feel my confidence coming back when I'm in normal clothes, I've even started wearing my heels to work again. I'd stopped b/c I wasnt feeling 'cute' anymore so no need for the cute heels, but I'm back in them, and now that I've toned up some it actually feels like they hurt less on the balls of my feet than before. That was pretty random, yes I know.

Basically my whole outlook and the way I feel has changed. I feel more positive, I'm spending more time encouraging those around me to be healthy. I'm researching healthy tips for myself, I'm pushing myself farther than I thought I could. I'm exploring more options. I'm enjoying life with the Princess even more. Occasionally I feel down because I'm still single. It seems I'm the ONLY single gal left in the world sometimes. But I know if God means for me to be with a great man He will give him to me....someday. I fully believe you have to make YOURSELF happy before you can make your partner happy, and I'm still working on that part for myself. I feel I've finally arrived there, but happiness is a journey, not a destination. Once you get happy, you have to keep it and by filling my life with friends, laughter, family, and something I love to do (fitness) I AM happy. There are more changes to make-I'd like to start going to church again, I need to finish making big changes on the house (some furniture peices to be bought eventually) and some others, but I'm working on them step by step

Friday, September 02, 2011

How has CG changed my life....

Last day of  Camp Gladiator was today. I actually made it to 3 full weeks (was very sick the last part of Week 1) of 3x a week for the first time. Even more surprising its been at 5:30 am and only ONCE have I thought 'man i could go back to sleep for another hour!'. Its been GREAT! My trainer is amazing. Inspiring me to work harder. He is one of those people who are just naturally happy and upbeat, which makes even 5:30 am almost enjoyable, and definitely bearable.  He has made the workouts fun, challenging, and actually not so terrible to go to. The group is smaller than my last group but almost everyone has been nice, encouraging and fun to work out with. We had our camp happy hour last week, the first happy hour I've been to since FEBRUARY for a co-workers birthday!! I got to hang out with my trainer and a couple other contenders for a few hours and just had a blast talking about life, football, and CG. Pretty much an ideal night for me-beer, good people, and my favorite topics! This is the off week, and I'm honestly sure I'm going to start having withdrawals from it!!! The good news is, when it starts back up I'll be going 5 days a week!!! I'll have more than enough opportunity to get down to where I want to be as far as my BMI and measurements. And speaking off....
I measured in June and have lost the following inches:
Waist-2.0 yep, that would be TWO inches off my waist-hell yeah!
Hips-stayed the same
Thigh-1 inch
Calf-up .25 but its pretty much all solid muscle again.

I used to constantly get compliments on my legs from guys and even from girls from how toned they were. I'd lost that somewhere in the pregnancy, the stress of fighting with the 'baby daddy', the drama with Justin and the financial downfall of my entire world (thanks baby-daddy). I missed those compliments on my legs. More than anything I wanted my sexy toned legs back. I remember hearing a story about the guys at an old job standing around staring at me one day that I was up there in shorts walking around and they were all just standing there talking about my legs and I loved that. I want that back.

I started CG in April. I did a round and got injured-Tibial Tendinitis. I was in a boot for 6 weeks. i went back to CG in June and was off in July because of the move to VR. I started back at a different camp in August and was a little nervous about starting with a whole new group of people and a trainer I hadn't really had lead me in a workout before. I went. I worked. i kicked ASS if I do say so myself!! I think the measurements lost prove that. I'm even going to do Gladiator Games. The ultimate test for myself. I've never done anything quite like it before. Although dance camp at A&M was pretty hardcore-2 days of non-stop dancing. On the roof until 2 am practicing, and getting up at 8 am to go compete all day.

CG helped me. It helped inspire me to get back into some old habits. i am focused on getting healthy-eating well, getting back into dance and hopefully teaching dance or yoga in a few months. I'm stretching my body out at night trying to get my dancers flexibility back. I'm taking a few minutes each night before I go to sleep to do what I guess amounts to meditation-deep breathing, quiet thoughts, relaxation. Remember what I'm thankful for and what I want from the next day. All this inspiration and devotion came from 2 women who I am eternally grateful for bringing Camp Gladiator into my life, Carol and Brooke. Thanks to them I have met some inspiring people and some new friends. I've had some amazingly positive people enter my life. Its been a long time since I had such positive influences in my life. Its helped lift me up and keep me working towards my goal.

This past week I have felt more like my old self, the former Goddess. (if you know me you know about the background of that nickname). I finally am feeling purely happy, thin, and SEXY again. I used to always feel sexy and confident no matter what-even not being model-thin, but over the last 2 years I've lost that confidence in my body. But this week I've felt the stirrings of my old self. I actually got HIT ON this week by a random guy, and got the 'up and down' look from a guy in a store. Haven't had that happen in awhile either!! Since I'd been with JK for a year and thought we were going to get married I hadn't worried about impressing other guys. I was too busy trying to be the 'perfect' girlfriend to him and be a new mommy, and deal with all the financial stress that came from being completely unprepared for a child without any help from the father. So the last year since we broke up was spent getting my life back on track-financially, in my home, in my soul and in my heart.

And I finally feel whole again. I feel like I'm ready for wherever my life will take me. I love the new friends I've made through CG, I love how I'm looking (getting there) and I love how I feel. I love the passion for fitness that has come back through. I always wanted to be a high school dance teacher and dance for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I love to perform (I'm an attention-lover sadly) Now I dont really have the opportunity to teach at the high school level, but I CAN teach zumba or yoga or something like that. I want to help inspire health and happiness in other people. I want to make people WANT to be healthy. I want my daughter to grow up knowing what the right way of eating and exercising is. I want her to enjoy being physically fit and eating right.  Heck, maybe I can teach zumba or yoga to the CG peeps! Who knows!!

But I'm just happy my life has headed down this path. I'm grateful for what CG has given me-the start and support from Carol & Brooke, the passion for workouts and my real start of body altering from Amy & Mason, the desire to wake up early and get busy that David has instilled in me, and the unconditional support and encouragement from Jonathon, Shane, Kevin, and all the other trainers who post positive things on my wall. And the absolute inspiration of Jessie, Carla and Aubyn. I'm ready for the next round of CG to start up. Have a feeling I'm going to be very antsy the next week needing to hear Davids laugh and his complete joy in torturing us!! I'm even ready fo 5 days a week of CG. I think I've become addicted. I'm also ready to get my gym membership so I can start going back to zumba, yoga, and spin maybe. I'm finally inspired and I owe it all to CG.

A new chapter is underway and I can't wait to see where it leads....

Monday, August 22, 2011

What a day!

I'm testing out something here, so don't worry-its nothing interesting!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dance/Cheer/Pagent Mom

So I'm sitting here watching Toddlers & Tiaras. Yes, its a guilty pleasure in a very creepy way because some of these kids creep me out-they look like REAL dolls and its freaky. So watching these moms got me thinking. The episode that is on is for a pagent here in Texas. I also watch Dance Moms. I was on Spirit Team, I did gymnastics, I was on Drill Team. Naturally I want my princess to follow in my footsteps and either be a dancer or a cheerleader. She actually LOVES to dance. She has been in a ballet class for about 3 months. She starts at her new studio on MONDAY and I'm so excited for her. The new studio has a full range of dance, gymnastics and cheer. So if we are here in this area for a long time (Which we will be-If I never get to move back home like I want) then she wold be able to choose as she gets older-dance or cheer. I love going to my neices cheer comps. They are exciting when our teams are performing and we are screaming and cheering for them (people cheering for cheerleaders? Bring it On reference)

Showtime Dance Studio Recital 1995
I WILL NOT BE 'THAT' MOM. I wont be the crazy psycho mom who yells at my child to always be perfect. I feel so bad for these poor girls who dont even LOOK like themselves anymore. Stuffed full of sugar to keep them awake and happy.  Or forcing practice 7 days a week until 11 pm for a child who obviously doesnt WANT to participate. I want her to enjoy it, to develop a passion and a real talent. I miss my dance days. I miss the friendships, I miss the fun costumes, I miss the excitement of learning a new dance, I miss the thrill I would get everytime I would step on the field and know that all eyes were on my team ready to watch us do what we do best-entertain. Dance is such a hard art. Getting all the movements and timing down takes alot of concentration and determination. I love to dance. I love being able to express myself in another way. The way you focus on nothing but the beat and the movements of your body. Its very much the way I feel when I work out now either zumba, boot camp or yoga and I love that I'm able to get that feeling again.

The princess has been asking for 'dance cwass?' for a month now. When we went to test drive our timing to get out to her new studio as soon as we pulled in the parking lot she started saying 'dance cwass? i go dance momma?" There was nothing anywhere to show her that we were at a dance studio. Once we got inside and she saw all the gymnasts, the mirrored walls and the wood floor she kept trying to take off down the hallway to go dance. And she was NOT happy when we left without her getting to dance. Luckily it starts this Monday. We get to go shopping for tap shoes tomorrow and a fun new leotard. For this class she can basically wear anything she wants as long as its tight fitting to allow her to move easily and for the teacher to see her body alignment. She will be in a combo tap/ballet class.

I can't wait to be a dance/cheer mom. I love how devoted my BFF is to her kids. Particularly the cheering part. Finding the crown and royalty related items, making signs, watching practice etc. I love the idea of searching for perfect pink/navy/zebra items or necklaces with crowns on them, to be able to sport all my blink to support my child. Probably the novelty of it will wear off by the second season, but still-it seems so much fun. We'll see how I feel about it in about 2 years!

Ballarina Baby

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Day after & cinnamon!

So its the first day after my first workout after being off for 6 weeks. Its going to be hard to judge, since Ive got a virus right now and am as sick as a dog. sore throat, ear ache, body ache and a head full of cotton. Went to the doc and it isn't strep (thank goodness) but just a virus, I should feel better after rest, fluids, and Advil. I've got the fluids, popped some Advil, and laying on the sofa but unable to fall asleep. Boo. Besides the fact I need to pick up my lil princess in a few hours and don't want to be all groggy.

So my soreness started yesterday. Its continued into today. My shoulders and upper back feel the burn from the planks, and my thighs are pretty sore from the squats and running. My ankles are tight and a little sore. I'm needing to make sure I take it easy on my injured leg while working out, so I'm not doing full out running. I'm ready for my poor leg to be healed so that I CAN get back up full force.

I've been doing pretty good on my eating-mainly smoothies for dinner. My favorite one so far is a little vanilla soy milk, Peach Mango V8 Fusion, and vanilla protein powder. Tastes so yummy! I've cut down my sodas since Sunday and hope I can be weaned off of them by the end of next week. I've upped my water intake by ALOT. Of course being sick is going to throw it off some-I doubt I'll make it to CG in the morning, and I've got fat free raspberry sherbet, sugar free mousse-style pudding, and 2% cottage cheese. One recipe I've seen is for apples, cottage cheese and cinnamon, and I'm looking forward to trying that. did you know that cinnamon is a natural appetite suppressant? Its also an antioxidant and helps with insulin regulation and type 2 diabetes. Its also supposedly a help for toothaches, bad breath, and to help keep the common cold at bay. Learn more about the awesome powers of Cinnamon.

So here I lay on the sofa. Watching Law & Order SVU and surfing FB and BBC. Perhaps I'll try to rest now....

Monday, August 08, 2011

Here we go Work!

I'm warm and cozy in my bed, dreaming about something fabulous (like telling my ex what I REALLY think about his ridiculous drama, or something like that) with my little princess snuggled up against me (by snuggled I mean her feet were jammed in my rib cage and she had pushed me to the very edge of the bed). Then the familiar sounds of The Toadies Tyler start peeking in my dream. Damn it, its 5:10 am! I roll out of bed carefully as to not disturb the princess. I head to the bathroom and gear up-Adidas, black yoga pants, and my black Contender t-shirt. I feel like I'm putting on my armour. I immediately feel awake, alert, and energized. A simple black t-shirt with a quirky logo on red on the front, and the bold letters CONTENDER across the back are like an energy buzz that seeped into my skin. I'm ready. I fill up my water bottle and head down the 3 flights of stairs to my car.
Damn it, forgot my mat. Back up 3 flights of stairs, grab my mat, say good morning to my mom who is up to keep an ear out for my kid to wake up, and back DOWN 3 flights of stairs. Hell I just had my warm-up!

I pull up to Ranchview High School and see several cars, and already hear the AWOL Nation blaring out Sail underneath a black night sky full of stars, as my trainer is calling out warm ups to a group of about 30 Contenders. And although I'm working with a whole new group of people I dont know besides David the trainer, I feel HOME.

The feeling of the sweet night air, the sun still tucked away past the buildings and hills, and the familiar sounds of "high knees, plank, mountain climbers" make me feel alive, awake, and instantly ready to tackle it all. David takes us through a brutal 60 min strength workout. Its Endurance week. The 1st week. Always the hardest. Squat thrusters, push up rowes, jogs, sexy spiders (I hate these too) and an intense ab workout with Russian Twists, alternating sit ups, toe touch situps with weight, and the dreaded planks. Hey, I should be thankful he didnt make us do burpees but I'm betting Wed. will have some thrown in. David is a great trainer, funny, hard, but goofy-his cuteness factor helps ;)  I enjoy trainers that you can laugh WITH. Of course I've yet to meet a CG trainer that I didnt like.

I get home and my mom tells me I look way better than I do when I come back from a PM session. I'm sweating but I'm not that gross sun-sweat-stench that I usually have after an hour of high intensity cardio/strength in a dirt park under a glaring sun in 110 heat. I'm covered in a pure workout sweat. Believe it or not, thats way different than a sun-induced sweat. It took until around 9 am for the flush to leave my face, but the workout high is still here. I feel good. I feel empowered. I feel stronger. I feel....sore. Holy cow my legs hurt. We need an escalator in my office!

I check on my little sleeping beauty and she has moved to the very center of my queen size bed and is as spread out as she can possibly be, snoring and dreaming peacefully. I hop in the best shower ever and let the warm water wash my hard-earned sweat away. I down some more water, take my vitamin and CLA and leave for the day. This is the beginning of my fitness journey. Countdown to my birthday and 20 pounds lighter. My mission-to participate in Gladiator Games and not be dead last. To complete it. To master it. To put myself through the hardest physical endurance event I've had to do since I was in junior high running cross country (#3 girl out of 100 isnt too shabby). I'm ready-or will be in 2 months.

My name is Mary-and I'm a CONTENDER. Here we go Work.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Finally found my calling

I love fitness. I love eating healthy. I love knowing that staying fit and healthy are something that I can pass on to my daughter and share with the rest of the world. So I've started looking into teaching yoga, zumba, or some sort of group exercise classes. This will give me the opportunity to share 2 of my loves-fitness and teaching. And if I can teach Zumba then I can get part of my past dream in there too-teaching dance.

So my first goal is to lose weight and get 100% healthy. I've got a GREAT start with my eating and my fitness program. But I'm upping it starting Monday. I'll be *hopefully* going to Camp Gladiator 3x a week at 5:30 am. I'm also going to try to do 1x yoga, 1x dance, and maybe 1x other class like spin or a weight class. I actually enjoy working out. I love how I feel after i complete a workout. Exhausted and sweaty but the feeling of accomplishment I have afterwards is worth it. I even enjoy the sore feeling the next couple of days because it just reminds me of how I pushed myself. I've always enjoyed teaching and motivating other people. When I started college it was to be a dance teacher. I always wanted to direct a high school dance team. Now, teaching Zumba wouldnt be QUITE like that, but its a great thing to do-it would be fun for me and keep me in the shape I want to be in.

So my hope is that by my birthday (October) I'll have lost the majority of the weight I want to lose, and by the new year I'll be working towards some sort of training to teach a class-zumba or yoga most likely. I'm ready for next week to get here, ready to start sweating it out and getting on to being a new me!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Oh potty training....

how icky you can be. So my lil princess is 28 months and full on potty training thanks to school. So we are trying to at home too. I try to remember to ask her every 30 minutes. I put her on the potty as soon as we get home, before the bath, after the bath and try again right before bed. I also made her a potty chart and bought some super cute stickers. So Saturday I will hang her potty chart and set her stickers on the counter. i have a clock that you can wind and set for 30 minutes so everytime it dings we will go potty. After she pottys i will let her help wind up the next 30 minutes. So this will be our plan for this weekend and beyond. She's been doing ok at school. Generally 2 accidents a day. yesterday she had NONE. Today she had 2 before she finished breakfast!!!

Potty training is sadly the most glamorous aspect of my life right now. I sure do love being a mommy-I wouldnt trade it for anything at all. I will be super sad to know i wont ever use my super super cute cloth diapers anymore. I'll sure miss this fluffy bum

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


FINALLY moved in!! Well, was moved in a week and a half ago, but just now having time to update. Being drugged up from emergency dental surgery yesterday gave me a smidge of free time.

So we combined mine and my moms house, so that I can have some help with my incredibly energetic toddler. It also helps that between us we could afford this amazingly beautiful apartment. Its a HUGE 3 bed/2bath with the biggest kitchen I've ever seen outside of an actual home. Its big and open, so much light and space. We still have some boxes to finish going through and my room is a disaster. My closet rod was broken so I couldnt hang clothes, but its fixed now thanks to Handy-Mom but I havent caught up. I had a busy weekend-we had a birthday party to go to at a splash park/pool and the little princess had a blast!

Isnt she a little doll!! Anyway, after the party we came home and tried to get some of the boxes all put away and organized. I need to take Princess's stuff and sell it. She has FAR to much and a smaller room now! I have so many decorating ideas, I just cant wait to have it all put up so we can start decorating!!! This Fall will be great, I'm looking forward to open windows (bonus of the 3rd floor) the scent of pumpkin and apple-spice filling the house, and a big Thanksgiving. I also can't wait to get it all put together and have a little dinner party. I've already told mom we need to have one and invite some friends to come over for wine, freshly baked goodies, and maybe even actual dinner. We'll see. We need a table for sure first though!

I havent been to work out at all this session which is driving me crazy, but the camp is just 2 minutes away from me at 5:30 am. Princess hasn't been sleeping well yet, as she is still adjusting to the new environment and the new school. So unfortunantly I'm only getting a couple of hours of sleep a night and haven't been able to get out of bed since her last wake up is usually around 4 am. She seems to LOVE her new school though and is officially POTTY TRAINING!! She's been doing so good, 2 days and no accidents at school! We have an alarm clock and stickers for continuing the trainer home on the weekends. I'm hoping that starting next Monday i dont every have to buy pull ups again! She's so excited in the morning when we are on our way and talks about her friends. And when I pick her up she hugs her friends bye and talks about school all the way home. I'm so glad she is somewhere that we are BOTH very happy with for a change.

So my painkillers are wearing off so I'll be ending this here. Hopefully I'll be updating more often as we start getting the house put together and 'prettified'.

Love & Happiness,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

So close.....

So in 1 week I will be done packing, cleaning my old apartment, and getting ready for the new apartment! I'm so ready to be out of this place. The lights in my kitchen have gone out AGAIN, the parking is horrible suddenly-i guess we had new people move in that I never noticed? And tonight there have been at least 5 cops roaming around my building, they even knocked on my door but I didnt get to it in time. So apparently SOMETHING scary has been going on. I'm just ready to GO. This place creeps me out just being here. I'm looking forward to being on my nice safe 3rd story! We went and looked at the apartment-its so nice, bright and airy. The kitchen is so gorgeous and I just cant wait!!! I'm also going to give M a 'big girl' room. All the princess stuff is gone, and we will have a new twin sleigh bed or daybed, and a fun nature theme-owls, birds, trees, butterflies. All purples, greens, yellows and just a little bit of pink! I'm just excited. Ready to be out of here.

So last night was one of the HARDEST Camp Gladiator workouts EVER. It was actually auditions. CG is recruiting trainers for new areas and there were 22 wanna-be CG trainers out to show the Contenders thier stuff! It was so awesome to have ALL the current trainers in the DFW area out and get to finally meet some of these awesome people who are motivating and supporting me from afar. We started out with a light jog around the park, then some drills-high knees, butt kicks, shuffles etc. We then did a hardcore 'Popsicle Workout' as teams. Ab blasters, burpees, frog jumps, sprints. Next some Extreme Football for the mighty and abs and stretches for the ones ready for a break (like me). The auditioning trainers each got 3-5 minutes to show us thier own workout, show us how they motivate and let us 'rate' them. I didnt get to stay for that part (hungry baby girl at home!) but I hear it went well and we have several trainers heading to Austin for Academy!! I'm excited for the new trainers!! I AM sad that I will only have 1 day with my awesome trainers that I've worked with for 8 weeks. I'll be starting at a new morning camp that is literally right behind my new apartment. I'll be working out with the oh-so-awesome David and I think it will be great. I'm looking forward to doing morning workouts as opposed to afternoons. It will be cooler, I'll be wide awake and ready for the day when I show up to work, and well i will get it over with first thing in the morning! I haven't lost any pounds yet, but I have lost inches and I care more about that than anything else. I'll probably post more specific measurements after one more round. We'll see. I'm hoping after the move I can get back focused on working on my nutrition certification. With so much going on I just havent had time.

One more week and it will all be different....I've said that in the past, but I'm MAKING IT TRUE this time!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fought through the torture again!

Wow, todays Camp Gladiator workout was HARD. Like had to stop and take a few breaks hard. Like feeling like I needed to puke hard. but I got through it. I'm freakin SORE. Lots of lateral jacks, star jumps, burpees (oh how I hate burpees) tuck jumps (which I was complimented on-NICE) lots of sprints and high knees. Some other stuff too but I may have blacked out (just kidding of course). My injury seems to have good and bad days. Of course I probably over did it with my AWESOME tuck jumps. My days of dance and cheer are coming back to me. We did high kicks and about a zillion squats. My booty be looking sexy soon!!! Week 3 is over for me, but 1 more week to go then I can do final measurements for this round. I did some last weekend and had lost 1 whole inch off my calf & thigh. Nothing off my flabby belly yet dang it. Oh well-I'm trying! More than I can say for myself 8 weeks ago. Zumba last weekend was AWESOME. My friend Jello came with me, and we had fun. I was sweating buckets when it was over, and am seriously disappointed my seductive shaking I used to have pre-baby. I need to bring my sexy back!!!

The move countdown is down to like 23 I think. Its soooo close. And I just can't wait. Of course I've barely packed anything but a 2 year old 'helping' you makes it a little hard to do. I'm freakin excited. i want it to hurry up and get here. I'm going to look at it on Saturday-they didnt have one for me to look at before, so they showed me the model wich is similar. I'm just looking forward to a new city that I wouldnt be scared to drive in at night, going to the gas station without some homeless dude coming up and asking for some change, or be worried that random people are just walking around everywhere.

Ok, this is shorter than I intended because its 930 and I'm freakin exhausted. Good night friends

Sunday, June 12, 2011

26 Days to go

And I've packed a total of 2 boxes. For someone who hates moving as much as I do, you would think I'd find one place and STAY. If i could ever decide what I truly want then I probably would. Actually, I know what I really want I'm just to afraid to do it.

Anyway, its been a pretty great week. My boss was on vacation so I was able to get some things caught up, even cleaned my desk a good deal. Filing, trash, organization etc. Our big yearly bonus meeting is coming up this weekend also. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to the Mavs game tonight, but my lazy ass really should get up and pack another box since the lil princess is sleeping. But instead I'm researching. Researching nutrition stuff and childbirth education-not for personal need!! No more babies here. But I've always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of things relating to babies to those first time parents out there. I think my desire to research the crap out of everything, plus my need to be a know-it-all mean I'd be good at teaching classes or something. Not as a job really, but maybe just something fun to do. I need some new interests in my life and thats stuff that helps me be a better mom. I'd also like to be one of those cool blogger moms who gets to try nifty new things and blog about it. There are just so many interesting things out there to do, I dont know why I could do some of them. I'd be doing something I enjoyed and maybe even enjoy it more since it wouldn't be 'work' it would be a fun hobby. Just trying to figure out how to go about doing it. I've been looking at having my nutrition certification as a prenatal certification also.

We move in 26 days. I'm so excited to be in my pretty new town where I'm not afraid of being asked for 'spare change' at the gas station, or worried my car will be slashed or missing each time I walk outside. Or listening to the insanely crazy loud people who live above me. Thats the best part-NO neighbors at all except across the hall. None next door, none above. I really need to get going on the packing though, otherwise I will be staying up all night packing like I did the first year M was born! Not a fun night at all. Of course she was only 4 months old and waking up every 2 hours anyway, so its not like I would have slept anyhow.

I can't believe CG is already half way over. Week 3 starts tomorrow (bring a buddy week! you can try it out FOR FREE) I am so happy to be back in it. It has really boosted my mood back up and made me feel so much better. I also am back in Zumba which is so great! I just hate that I feel so uncoordinated now. I danced for years, always considered myself to have some 'sex appeal' even in my chubby state, but watching myself in that mirror as a I dance-clearly my hips and booty have lost the seductive 'shimmy' they used to have! But its ok. I'll get it back! Camp Gladiator has already shaved an inch off my calves and thighs! I just did some quick measurements the other day. Sadly my waist has NOT changed yet, but I'm not at all surprised. I havent checked my arms, but I'm hoping to have gained a half inch atleast. I've really fought to keep going with the weights, and even bumped up to using 10s last monday instead of my piddly 5s.

The princess is napping...perhaps I'll take one too. Or pack. nap sounds better though....

Friday, June 03, 2011

What IS Camp Gladiator & why does my body hate me?

Yep, my body hates me. Camp Gladiator really kicked my ass on Wednesday. But its GREAT. I'm glad to feel sore, it means I worked hard. I'm just pleased my trainers are so supportive and encouraging. I haven't been to camp in 6 weeks due to tibia tendinitis, I've been in a walking boot for 6 weeks. But my first day back both of my awesome trainers checked on me several times (in a group of 60+) to make sure I felt ok and was keeping up and kept encouraging me. CG has this amazing environment. People you dont even KNOW are telling you to go stronger, that you can do it. The trainers are correcting form, encouraging you, and pushing you in a non-threating way that makes you WANT to keep going. The other Contenders (yep, we have a name for ourselves!) are also encouraging you, not judging you but encouraging. You work at YOUR pace-no one is standing there counting how many burpees you do or how far you run.

You have an option of 60+ locations, days, times to attend, how ever many you want to go to! 2 a week, 6 a week, 10 a week!! And you dont have to go to the same location every time. I do T. Park M/W and FPH Park T/H (or a combination of those-I obviously can't go 4 days a week due to Molly) The 3rd week of camp is bring a friend week-your friend can go to any camp anytime (doesnt even HAVE to be with you!) and try it out, no pressure. If they like it they usually get a discount to sign up and YOU get a referral bonus!

The workouts are pretty intense but good for everyone from beginner to expert athletes. Take me for instance-I hadn't worked out hard core in 3 years and I didnt have any problems. I just watched my pace, my own strength and listened to my body for cues on if was doing it hard enough. We have weight days and cardio days. Every day is a different workout. you wont do the same workout twice, even if you go to different camps!! We use props-tires, tennis balls, scooters, medicine balls etc. One camp even had a Glow Stick workout! Its FUN. Yeah, you are working out and burning calories, but you dont even realize the hour has gone by! Examples: Burpees, lunges, sexy spider, high knees, Freeze Tag, Choice Night, and so much more.

I'm so glad I found Camp Gladiator. Its renewed my passion in fitness and nutrition, I've made some new friends in the trainers, and I actually look forward to going to camp! I took all my measurements before I started this round. looking forward to 4 weeks to see what I've lost!

If Camp Gladiator sounds like something you would be interested in you should check out the link up above!! Or ask me more questions.

"Working out gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy" Elle Woods-Legally Blonde
Yes, working out really does boost your mood!! I've learned that personally!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Back on TRACK!!!

So today was my first day back at Camp Gladiator!! Its really freakin HOT at 6:30 pm on June 1st in Texas. Holy cow I thought I would pass out. It was so great though to be back at workout. I got some weird news right before the workout that should have made me cry, feel depressed, but I didnt cry-I guess I basically just pushed it back and thought "I'll deal later". Well, its almost 5 hours later and its still just sitting in the back of my mind. Some unsettling thoughts are popping up but still-pushing them back. I'll deal with it later.

Surprisingly I came home and had a very nice goofy night with my little princess. Did the baby bop hop, some silly dancing. Working out really DOES boost your mood. Even in the midst of the most depressing news I could probably hear I was still happy and upbeat and goofy with my sweet baby girl. I just hope she sleeps through the night and we dont have another fit at 2:30 am like last night. I'm so emotionally drained after the weekend of her being in and out of the ER and doc visits, and worried about the move and blah blah. But, I'm going to TRY to put on a positive face, and accept the things
I have no control over, and just focus on the things I CAN control. My own happiness, my own life, my own desires, and the health & happiness of my amazing little girl. 

So back to the workout. I went to My Fit Foods today and got lunches for the rest of the week, I have snacks already so my goal is to drink TONS of water and stay energized by eating the right foods at the right time. I had my first workout after 6 weeks in the boot healing my injury. It was HARD. Tonight Amy did "Choice Night" where we got to choose different workouts. All hard. All very very hard. Especially in 90+ weather outdoors. I thought I was going to have a heat stroke!! I didnt do as well as I had hoped I would, but I didnt totally suck. I may go to a session tomorrow evening, or maybe try on Saturday morning. At the very least i will be back at my regular one on M/W. I even took my measurements this time so I can actually see what I lose. I dont really lose pounds I tone up and build muscles, so its more inches I'm looking for. i really dont even care if i lose pounds. I'm more concerend with how I look and feel.

So back to the workout grind. Time to FINALLY get it in shape! CG WUT WUT!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I just wanted to take a minute to say a thank you to those who serve in our military to keep our country safe. I hope that everyone takes a minute to remember what this day is REALLY for, its not just a 'day off from work' or a drinking holiday. I admit, I love a 3 day weekend, but I always take a moment to say a prayer for those who have lost thier lives or have lost loved ones, those who have been wounded, are back home or still overseas fighting. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul. If not for you my beautifl daughter and I would not be enjoying this time together.

So far we've spent the holiday running errands. Dollar Store and IKEA. Now we are hanging out at home, but thinking of takin her to the mall later so we can run out some more energy. I'm thinking of running over to My Fit Foods too and pick up some meals for lunch & dinner this week so I can pack up my kitchen!

Who am I kidding-I wont be packing today.....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finally a plan!

Oh thank goodness, things are FINALLY looking up. I found a beautiful apartment in a really great town that I'll be moving to in July. My current apartment will let me out of my lease early, so that will be no problem. The new area is really great. Its where I was set to move a year ago, but at the last minute changed my mind. Everywhere I shop or visit is within a 5 minute drive. The apartment itself is great. Its HUGE. A big kitchen, side by side refrigerator  wood floors, big garden tub with low lighting (great for a nice evening soak), vaulted ceilings, beautiful arched entries and big closets. Plenty of space and clean well maintained and I cant WAIT to move!

M starts her new preschool soon too. I'm so excited about that. This is a very well rated school and I think she is going to have a great time making new friends. We are very close to a huge wonderful park that I can take her to so she can get some great exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I'm FINALLY out of the boot for good!! I can slowly work back up to full intensity, but I can go back to Camp Gladiator this week! I'm also going to go stock up a few lunches from My Fit Foods also. I am so ready to be back on the path to health!! I've hated missing the last round of CG, and haven't felt GOOD again since I stopped working out. With the stress of where to move, the stress at work, and with M's staph infection coming back, I've needed that release of working out more than ever! So I'm relieved I can get back to it starting as soon as tomorrow-not sure if I'll go tomorrow or start back on Tuesday, but I'm hoping to get in 3 workouts a week. Which reminds me, I need to DO MEASUREMENTS this time!! I completely forgot last time-oops.

I'm still so anxious to get to work on my nutrition studies, but have had to shell out more money in the last few weeks than I wanted (and expected) so that will need to be put on hold sadly, until I have the $250 to spare. And I need to save up so I can get a few nice things for the new place in July. I'm so excited!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rough weekend

Wow, I'm so super emo tonight. Not really sure why. Just feeling lonely I guess. M has been in her 'terrible 2s' stage lately and has been a bit beastly so she hasn't been sleeping well, which is probably contributing to the emo feeling I have. I'm actually crying sitting here watching the Jerseylicious 'reunion' show because they are talking about Gigi & Frankie breaking up. Frankie's mom is on talking about how much she loves Gigi and how excited they were wanting to welcome her into the family, and now they don't get to. You have to be watching it I guess. There's a reason its making me cry but I'm not really going to get into. I just sort of miss a family that I thought I was going to be part of. Yeah-I'm just a bit lonely I suppose.

Anyway....I have alot of internal turmoil going on. Trying to get some things figured out in my head. Everytime I make a decision I second guess it, and the decisions I HAVE made I feel like are the wrong ones. I've managed to keep the drama out of my life, but sadly the stress (work, living situation, financial, lack of sleep, injury etc.) won't seem to go away and its starting to wear on my. Working 50 hours a week, being a full time single mom of a willful, stubborn, emotional 2 year old, hating where I live, and not having any sort of companionship from friends is starting to wear on me. I just have to remember I need to be stronger than this. Changes are coming, its just very very slow, and I'm so incredibly impatient. And every single decision I make affects M. I'm terrified of making the wrong choices and messing up her life. She deserves a happy, excited, loving and strong mother and home life, and I feel like she isnt quite getting that now, and I hate that.

I just need to get back in the swing of working out, and get into a new home. No matter how hard I try I can't make this hole I live in a 'home' and its a big stresser. Just trying to focus on each day and getting through each day....I need a vacation.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello summer!

I swear Texas weather makes me crazy. We had what, 5 days of nice spring weather, now its muggy and 90s BLAH.

Anyway.....I'm so glad its May at least. Mothers Day was uneventful and downright boring. Just like any other day in my life. This weekend is my mommys birthday. I *think* we are going to the zoo. I LOVE taking M to the zoo! Especially now that she knows so many more animals, its just a lot more fun.

I'm so ready to be back at Camp Gladiator. Not working out is literally killing me. I miss my trainers, I miss the feeling of accomplishment, I miss the way I feel just in general. I'm so freakin crabby now. Like Elle Woods said "Exercise gives you endorphines, endorphines make you happy". So very true. 6 days and the boot comes off, and you bet I will be at CG at 6:15 on Monday!!! CG WUT WUT! I'm still wanting to work on my nutrition cert, but I'm trying to save up for the move.

I'm actually starting to hate home/apartment hunting. I'm stressing about finding something. I really really really don't want to live in an apartment again. really really really don't. But finding one available in July (or August if my mom changes plans) is what i'm worried about. Ive found 4 that I'd move into TOMORROW, but houses are generally an 'immediate move in' sort of thing. I love looking at all these beautiful spacious interiors, and I want a yard so badly for Molly to play in. She doesnt get alot of outdoor time right now, and its beginning to cause her to be a little hyper in the afternoons! Lucky me LOL.

I'm hopeful that in July the perfect house will open up. One in my price range, with a big open back yard, bright and beautiful kitchen and a sunny airy bedroom for my little princess!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Doctor booooo!

Well it seems every time I THINK I'm getting ahead, something has to knock me back a couple of steps dang it. I had my appointment with the orthopedic doc today, and I have Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. And Now I get to drag this along for the next 4 weeks...

Yep, a boot. By the way, its hard as hell to drive in that damn thing!! 4 weeks of no impact and immobilizing it to see if the tendon can heal. It could be worse, it could be a real cast or I could need surgery which are the other options. hopefully this helps and I'll be back in action. 

This is the off week for CG, but a new camp starts next week, but I CANT GO. See above picture for reason why. I'm so frustrated. I'm still struggling to physically see the difference since the scale doesn't say anything, however, I'm used to seeing me-I don't think I look any different. But I do FEEL different and I know thats what really matters. I've been sleeping (when she actually sleeps through the night) really great, I feel good, so I know the workouts and the 21 Day Challenge have helped that. Tomorrow is my LAST day of the challenge! Woo hoo!! I've really enjoyed the great food, however I am looking forward to making my own choices again. I think I can keep myself in control and still stay away from the fast food, the sodas, etc. 

I got an email right as I was leaving work today that NESTA is offering a corporate wellness certification. I have something I need to go research now, since i was JUST looking at other corporate wellness programs.....sometimes things really DO seem to fall in place I suppose.....

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So yesterday was M's very first Pre-Ballet class. They dont let parents in the room so as to not distract the kids. She had 4 little ballerinas in her class. She made a new friend, Maizy, an almost 3 year old little girl. Molly looked just adorable in her leotard, tights and her little ballet slippers

While she was twirling in class, mommy was taking her first Zumba class. Now THAT is a workout! I shook, sweat, and panted my way through an hour of rumba, salsa, booty shaking and jumping. It was a really great class. 

When class was over her teacher told me she did a great job, she paid attention, and had fun. She said she was impressed she did so well for her first class. i really wish I could watch, but I understand. I opened the door once to let Maizy back in after she went to the restroom and Molly saw me and wanted to come out. She got a sticker and a sucker after class, and as we were walking to the car she was saying 'i dance momma!'. Once we got in the car she pointed back outside and said 'Dance momma, lets go!' and as we were driving off she kept yelling 'I daaaance momma!'. So I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it. Looks like this will be a well spent $65!!! I can't wait for her next class on Saturday!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Great Week

Well, I've had a full week of the 21 Day Challenge. Today completes Day 10, so only 11 days to go! I had a major craving at lunch time yesterday-I seriously wanted some pizza. I don't usually like pizza all that much, I want it maybe once a month, but thats pretty much it. Yesterday I would have paid any price in the world to have some. But I stayed strong, I ate my Ginger Chicken happily. I've really enjoyed all the food so far. Its a lot of chicken, I will say that. But each meal has been flavorful, filling, and more than enough food for me.

I've just finished Week 3 of Camp Gladiator. Only ONE week left, and I'm really sad about that, however, I'm for sure signing up for the next 3 rounds at least!! I had lunch with 2 of my favorite trainers today to discuss sponsorship of the upcoming Gladiator Games, and I loved just talking to them about the camp. I feel so empowered, passionate, and EXCITED to go, and it never feels like I HAVE to be there-I WANT to be there. And I've become such a CG nerd so it was so nice to be able to talk to other people who were as passionately obsessive about it as I've become! :) Brooke is ready to work on her fitness certification too, so I have a study buddy to work with! Yay!

I finally found a dance class for Molly! She will begin Pre-Ballet at a studio here in Dallas this Saturday. I'll admit, I'm super excited to take her to get fitted for her first ballet shoes-yes, I'm seriously a nerd, Im so cheezy over things other people wouldn't even care about. But even better about the dance class, is that while she is twirling and being a little twinkle toes, mommy gets to take ZUMBA!!! I've missed dance so much and I'm so excited that while Molly is getting some exercise and socialization I'll be doing something I love too-back dancing and getting in shape.

I'm so ready for July to get here so we can MOVE! I've pretty much decided that I need to rent a HOUSE. I'm so sick of loud noisy neighbors, and I desperately want a yard for M to play in. I'm picturing pretty flowers, a little garden maybe, a sprinkler for M to run through and a small swing set for her to play. I'm also imagining a beautiful Christmas in a nice big house surrounded by family, and some kid-friendly bbqs or get-togethers. The exact area is still being narrowed down, but it will be towards the Coppell/Lewisville/Flower Mound/Valley Ranch area.

Hm, I think thats about it as far as fun news.....

Friday, April 01, 2011

21 Day Challenge

Ok, I finally can start to update! I started the  My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge on Wednesday. Basically, you eat 5 meals a day (duh) but its meals they have already prepared fresh for you. You get 3-4 days of meals at a time, the nutritionist makes out the meal plan for you, so you literally just drop in, pick up what she's already pulled out for you, take it home, and eat according to schedule. The meals are made around the clock, so the food you eat is completely fresh. They are packaged all nice and pretty in a microwavable container. All the calories, fat, protein, and carbs are labeled for you and your meals are organized to give you a good variety but still have you reach an appropriate caloric intake. You need to do a liver cleanse, which I don't think is a pure cleanse, since like my mom said you really shouldn't be eating when you cleanse, but its designed to help purge your liver sort of. Its GROSS. 4 oz. unsweetened pure cranberry juice, 1 tbl apple cider vinegar and half a lemon. Take every day after breakfast. In addition, I'm taking CLA (fat burner) at breakfast & lunch, and glutamine (to repair sore muscles also curbs sweet cravings) at night. I've gone for 3 days without coffee/tea/soda and have added ALOT more water to my day. I haven't felt hungry or deprived or like I'm 'dieting' because I'm NOT. I'm eating healthy meals at the right time, with the right caloric intake and I always feel satisfied, but not at all heavy. A big plus especially on workout days!

The food has been amazing-spicy turkey breakfast tacos, amazing salmon, tons of fresh tasty fruit. its all been so good so far. Adding a great healthy eating routine to my Camp Gladiator will just help drop the fat even more!! I've done 4 CG sessions so far. Every one of them has been challenging, fun, different, inspiring and HARD. But in a good way. The trainers have been amazing. Amy & Mason encourage me, correct form, acknowledge correct movements, and most of all make each day interesting to go to. This is the first workout I've not once thought 'I really don't want to go today'. I actually look forward to each session and quite possibly would go every single day if I could!

I've enjoyed this round of workouts, I've really enjoyed promoting both MFF and CG and encouraging my friends and coworkers to try it out. I'm planning to do my Fitness Nutrition Coach certification in May and maybe even go ahead and get my personal trainer certification in July. I'm really more interested in nutrition. My interest right now is Child Nutrition. Maybe I can help change some of the ways that kids are being fed in schools, or restaurants and help them have more healthy options. The knowledge is out there, and I want to soak it all up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, so today I started the 21 Day Challenge. I also had a seriously hardcore workout. I really really want to write about it, but I'm so exhausted that I just cant do it. So tomorrow. If I can get out of bed. Good grief I'm tired. And sore.

soooo tired.............

Monday, March 28, 2011

A mini breakthrough at Camp Gladiator!

Day: 3
Feelings:A little dizzy, had to do a modified exercise, but felt better than last time!

So lets try it this way-Food:
Bfast-Oatmeal, 1.25 cups of iced coffee
Snack-Fiber One bar
Lunch-Salmon, converted rice, broccoli & tea (My Fit Foods)
Snack-3 cubes jack cheese, 2 apple slices, almonds, dried cranberries (My Fit Foods)
Dinner-Peanut butter & strawberry jello on honey whole wheat & 6 oz. chocolate milk (supposedly it helps rebuild muscles right after a workout)

So today I finally went to My Fit Foods Pretty great concept-they cook the meals, stock them up, you come buy and eat. Easy. All the carbs/proteins/fats are counted for you. They are freshly prepared around the clock and contain gluten-free, hormone free, converted, and clean foods. I absolutely loved it. They have a 21 Day Challenge where you basically detox, and you can lose 8-15 lbs on it. Pretty good huh. I'm meeting with a nutritionist tomorrow to learn more about the Challenge.

Todays workout was awesome. We played Freeze Tag. So fun. Then our workouts which was along the lines of a partner workout, where one person did arm rows the other did pushups, then we did some overhead presses, and more rows along with this weird up/down leg thing.
My achievements from the day-I ran both laps we did without stopping, and wasn't last or even very close to last. We also did a plank as our cooldown-60 seconds and they wanted you to do front, side, side however often you wanted to alternate. I only dropped my knees for a split second and even managed to do both sides without dropping. I'm pretty proud of myself. I even kept moving in Freeze Tag and even tried to avoid being 'frozen'.

So day 3 of the workout has been a success. I even managed to get a couple of walks with Molly in over the last 4 days. I'm pretty proud of myself!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new interest....

So I've been trying to stay motivated for my workout, and for developing better eating habits. And it got me thinking-I researched becoming a personal trainer years ago when i was trying to decide what I wanted to 'do' with my life. I've always enjoyed motivating and coaching people. I thought being a trainer was an excellent idea-I get to boss people around and help them change their lives for the better-perfect job right? In addition, I get to keep myself trim and healthy. Well, of course getting a job with Budweiser way outweighed that idea.

But doing research on healthy habits and working out for work got me very interested in the eating side of health. So my mind is running along the path of maybe getting a Fitness Nutrition certification. I can get one for $300 through a highly accredited organization. The most important part is learning it for MYSELF , but the other side of it is that makes a really great side career-developing healthy eating plans, maybe writing a book, perhaps using the knowledge to help work towards better nutrition in schools (that's actually my real idea lately-helping convince school districts to serve BETTER healthy and cost effective meals, my kid will be eating that one day soon). And it would be nice to be certified in something again, to have something to fall back on just in case.

So I'm still researching, the new me doesn't want to just spend $300 on something until I'm sure I would make some sort of use of it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a workout! Day 2

Feeling-a few side cramps, some pain in the legs, but less 'breaks' than Day 1

So this was day 2 of Camp Gladiator. Holy Moly I've been sore the last 2 days, but I feel AWESOME. I've even been pretty awesome on my eating. I seriously don't remember what I had yesterday but here is today:
Bfast-1 large banana
Iced Coffee
Snack-clementine & small piece of reduced fat cheese
Lunch-Small salad-romaine, grilled chicken, apples, dried cranberries & pomegranate dressing (so yum)
Snack-peanut butter & about 10 mini club crackers
Dinner-a soft beef taco w/ salsa

not too bad-coulda done better on the dinner but I really wasn't very hungry, and that was all that sounded good.

Our cG workout was pretty neat-after our warm up we broke into groups and had 'competition'. We did different exercises (jump squats, star jumps, high knees) for a race. My team, not so good. But today I did a little more than I did on Monday, so I'm happy with that. My abs will be BURNING tomorrow-we did a lot of reverse crunches, bicycle crunches and planks. It was a challenge for sure, but I really enjoyed it.

I feel like I need a beer now....but its off to take a shower and relax the muscles and since my daughter implied I stink, guess I better take care of that too.

cG wut wut!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Life-Day 1

Day: 1
Feeling: Not so great, felt 'heavy' and was out of breath a lot. Lots of breaks during the workout to catch my breath

Ok, sooooo today was sort of my 'new start'. At work we are paying a portion for the employees to participate in Camp Gladiator-a top ranked Fitness boot camp. Today was my 1st day. I really want to lose some weight and get healthier so I can enjoy time with Princess more-I need more energy, less stress, um better lung capacity (this kid is fast). So in addition to the workouts I'm trying to change my eating habits. So I'm going to try to blog on the days that I workout (every day if I can actually find time, but doubtful) with my workout experience and what I ate. Yeah yeah yeah, boring I know. Well, then don't read it ;)

So todays food intake:
Bfast-Fiber One Coconut Caramel Fudge Bar (seriously tastes like a Samoa girl scout cookie-really)
1 cup iced coffee (no sugar, just about a tablespoon of vanilla creamer)
Snack-handful of Fruit Cheerios-yes cheerios, not fruit loops!
Lunch-tuna & chicken salads with fresh fruit with poppy seed dressing (Dream Cafe is sooo yummy)
Dinner-a grilled chicken wrap from McDonalds
Oh, and you don't need to critique my food-I'm not 'tracking' my food, I'm just slowly making better choices for myself. So please no "oh well you know that wrap has blah blah calories and poppy seed dressing is full of sugar blah blah."

My first workout at Camp Gladiator was great. It was HARD. Like, seriously hard, but the trainers are great and are checking on you, fixing form, giving suggestions. But its more timed workouts-not 'sets' really so you aren't trying to keep up with anyone else-just pushing yourself. Everyone was so awesome, and I could hear lots of 'Good job so-and-so' and we were encouraged to tell fellow gladiators 'great job' after each section. Lots of high-fives. I seriously dug it. Some of our exercises included:
Burpees (devil-this should be punishment for people who break laws)
High Knees
Quick Feet
A couple of laps and other stuff I think I've blocked out right now. Lets just say if my legs don't run off without me in the middle of the night they must not hate me as much as I hate them right now.

So I'm working hard on the outer appearance right now. I've also decided to CUT MY HAIR. Short. Ish. So like just at my shoulders probably-bangs again and some layers. I've also finally decided to start lightening it again. So I'll hopefully be the sexy beach bunny I once was when we go to florida in 2 months.

Ok, weeeeeeell I think thats it for today. Looking forward to not being able to walk (move, breath, pick up things) tomorrow!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of His hand
~An Irish Blessing

This is my favorite Irish blessing. When J and I were together we always said this together on St. Pats over a beer surrounded by good friends, it makes me a little sad, but I enjoy the memories. This year my St. Pats will be a little different. I'm going to look up some Irish stories/fairytales and tell Molly some over bedtime tonight. We will be having corned beef and veggies at my mom's house. No drinking and foolishness this year for me, and I THINK I'm ok with that. I've maybe finally outgrown my party days. But on this day I will always fondly remember those past crazy times and the drunkeness I have shared. Now its time to share some Irish heratige with my little Irish princess!

Happy St. Patricks day my friends, enjoy it safely!
My Irish Princess

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally some GOOD.

So basically this year has sucked so far. Even though I've been trying hard to pull it together it still just can't come together. Until NOW. Starting with....

Princess's 2nd birthday! My little princess is now TWO years old.  I've made it through 2 years of her life. I have much gray hair now. Ulcers, exhaustion, sore back....all things that apparently come with chasing after/stressing over/worrying about a toddler. She's becoming so smart. Her vocabulary is great, she sings, dances, figures out things-like how to scale her bookcase and uses her monkey toes to climb her baby gate. She really needs to be less smart....

I got a new car! Woo!!! The alternator went out again on the Mazda, so after having it repaired I took it to Toyota of Plano and got a shiny new Kia Soul sport. I LOVE this new car. Its got everything I need, good gas mileage, and its super adorable.

I'm starting Camp Gladiator on Monday and am sooooo excited. I can't wait to finally start working on a fitness program again. I actually enjoy working out and eating healthy, but lately I've been so exhausted and stressed out that I haven't felt like doing anything. I miss having my real life going on and have finally started taking the steps i need to get it back.

I'm apartment hunting again. Researching is more like it.  So those are the areas I'm researching and debating on. Obviously my old stomping grounds is where I would PREFER to live, but that drive is the only factor. Even though I'd be thrilled to be in my hometown every weekend, I'm not sure I'm willing to devote 2-3 hours a day on a drive.

So, I'm happy to finally making some moves in the right direction. The car was a key first step, now once my insurance money comes back, I get moved, and feel safe again then I'll be on the path back to a happy life!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing up...

So 3 years ago I was living the ultimate single life. Happy hour 3 or 4 times a week, partying on the weekends and doing all kinds of crazy crap. I wasn't concerned about saving money, looking to the future, searching for a husband or even wondering what would happen.

Nothing makes you a grown up quicker than having a child! I've realized over the last few months that I've made some very adult decisions and didn't even realize the transformation was happening. I've got a college fund and savings fund for Princess, I've put her in the best school I can find and sat down to look at finances to make sure I can afford it. I've researched the different options to make sure I will move to the right area for us to be safe and happy, I haven't jumped at my impulses like I would have in the past.

When my house was broken into I carefully looked at options for the replacements-I tried to find the best value and prices on things. Even though I REALLY wanted a Mac I went with a HP, because I know that a grand on a laptop isn't necessary for me to just browse the net and FB. I've been car hunting, trying to find something better and more reliable than my poor little lemon I got. I was at a dealer yesterday and it came down to only one option-a car I didn't REALLY want, but it was a good decent car-I walked away. In the past I would have smiled, said sure, and signed on the dotted line. I actually decided to walk away and think about it for 24 hours, and decided that there could be a better option out there for me.

I'm in the process of planning my first vacation in 3 years, and trying to find the best possible deal and not just be swayed by pretty pictures (we are going to Florida in June-YAY) I even plan to go on a vacation once a year. I want Princess to have a full and fun life and get a lot of experiences. I haven't been very many places myself, and I want  to make sure she has more opportunities than that. I'm also putting her in a ballet class in March, which I'm super excited about. I'm hoping she loves dance as much as I do!!

I think I've finally grown up...its taken awhile. I'm not really sure how much I like this whole 'adult' thing, but its what's best for my child, and ultimately best for me too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Am I crispy or crunchy?

Have you heard the term 'crunchy momma'? It refers to those 'hippie-like moms' who make their own baby food, babywear and use cloth diapers. Now, if you know me then you KNOW I can't make regular food, let alone baby food. I bought one of those Baby Bjorn (the devil) things for Princess and put her in it once. And cloth diapers-me? Seriously? I still have no interest in the making baby food part, however, I wish more than anything I had learned about baby wearing when she was an infant. True baby wearing-using a moby wrap or something similar. The 'crotch danglers' as my friends like to call them are very bad for your baby. Think about this-would you want some hard material holding you up from your sensitive area like that? I think the idea of true baby wearing is wonderful and beneficial and seriously freaking genius. You get to snuggle baby close to your heart and your hands are free to actually do something! Sweet!

Cloth diapers=love. I love putting something fresh, clean, and soft against her delicate skin. Not full of chemicals and rough. The diaper laundry isn't even that bad and if you aren't swayed by the super adorable prints you can get then I don't know what else would convince you!

I guess I'm crispy-I'm trying anyway. I'm going to try to get some more crispness to me here in the next few months, not just with her but myself-organic, clean, healthy. That's my goal.
And just for fun my crispy princess sporting her care bear cloth from Summer Sky Bamboo

Sunday, February 13, 2011

One crazy year

So my hope was that 2011 would be my great year. I'd be happy, healthy, and ready for new excitement. Yeah, I got excitement all right...My apartment was broken into 3 weeks ago. They stole ALL of my electronics, my camera, my laptop with all the pictures of Princess's life on it. The thing that upset me the most was knowing malicious people were in my home, touching my daughter's stuff, my stuff. That someone came and violated me on such a personal level. I'm still having trouble sleeping, being in the quiet. But I'm trying to be an adult-get over it, move on. File the insurance, replace and repair the hurt. But I'm definitely moving OUT of the Big D when the lease is up. not sure where exactly. My princess is getting older, so we can go start enjoying things like library story times, the park, play dates, and I'm hoping to go back to church, and there are a few good churches out in that area.

Secondly I ended up having to pull Princess out of her daycare. I just couldn't take it anymore. The constant sickness-she couldn't get over it b/c they were allowing sick TEACHERS to be there. There is no way she could stay healthy when they didn't even care if the teacher was hacking and coughing all over the kids. The final straw was the staph infection she got from them. I don't know why cleaning a child well at diaper change, and staying sanitary are so difficult, but apparently so. I also realized she ended up with pink eye from there too-just too much for me. I actually got her dad to go with me to tour a new school, the one I've actually been wanting to send her too since she was a newborn. she'll be starting there right after she turns 2. I can't believe she's almost 2, but that will be a separate post...

Work has been insane. So stressful-everyone has been stressed out due to the super bowl/bud light hotel, and then we had 2 weeks of insane snow/ice which actually closed us down for a few days-something that NEVER HAPPENS. you know the weather is a mess if we are closed!! Everyone has been stressed out, crabby, exhausted. Its been so hard to be positive, and sometimes even hard to be nice. I had stress too with all that, but most of the people I work with didn't know that. Its just been so frustrating and I'm really hoping that it all gets back to normal!

With how hard this year has been so far, its one of the first times in awhile that I really wish I wasn't single-that I had someone there to help me handle all the stress, comfort me, help me navigate through it all. But I'm a big girl, I've had to handle it all on my own (with support from friends and family, which I really do appreciate it) but its not the same as having a boyfriend/husband/significant other there next to me to help me all through it. I feel like I've had no choice but to completely grow up, emotionally, to try to make it through all this.

I'd just like the next few weeks to be quiet and drama free please....

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hello 2011!

Ok, so of course my first blog of the New Year will be about my 'changes'. I don't like to call them resolutions, I prefer to think of them as changes. Changes for the better. For me, for Molly. So lets see, what are my changes for this year....

  • Keep a happy, loving, wonderful home for the Princess
  • Cook dinner at least 5 nights a week (thanks to my new crockpot I think I can accomplish this)
  • Only focus on the positive-be happy for the people around me when good things happen, instead of feeling sad for myself because I'm 'missing out' (something I had been doing earlier last year. Pity parties are pretty pathetic)
  • Focus on making myself happy-I'm not even sure what that means yet-more time for myself, finding a boyfriend, staying single or making a life change. I'm not really sure, but looking forward to finding out
  • And the always standard 'lose weight'. Although this year I'm looking at it more as being healthy. I think the 4 above are going to make this one happen whether I want it to or not. Cooking at home means I'm in control of my portions and the calories, making myself happy means I'll spend more time playing with molly, doing yoga (thanks to my new Wii Fit) and keeping the positive attitude will help me drop the sad pounds and become healthy.
Ok, so thats it. My changes for this year. I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2011. I hope all my friends and family get everything they wish for and have a wonderful New Year!