Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hello 2011!

Ok, so of course my first blog of the New Year will be about my 'changes'. I don't like to call them resolutions, I prefer to think of them as changes. Changes for the better. For me, for Molly. So lets see, what are my changes for this year....

  • Keep a happy, loving, wonderful home for the Princess
  • Cook dinner at least 5 nights a week (thanks to my new crockpot I think I can accomplish this)
  • Only focus on the positive-be happy for the people around me when good things happen, instead of feeling sad for myself because I'm 'missing out' (something I had been doing earlier last year. Pity parties are pretty pathetic)
  • Focus on making myself happy-I'm not even sure what that means yet-more time for myself, finding a boyfriend, staying single or making a life change. I'm not really sure, but looking forward to finding out
  • And the always standard 'lose weight'. Although this year I'm looking at it more as being healthy. I think the 4 above are going to make this one happen whether I want it to or not. Cooking at home means I'm in control of my portions and the calories, making myself happy means I'll spend more time playing with molly, doing yoga (thanks to my new Wii Fit) and keeping the positive attitude will help me drop the sad pounds and become healthy.
Ok, so thats it. My changes for this year. I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2011. I hope all my friends and family get everything they wish for and have a wonderful New Year!