Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing up...

So 3 years ago I was living the ultimate single life. Happy hour 3 or 4 times a week, partying on the weekends and doing all kinds of crazy crap. I wasn't concerned about saving money, looking to the future, searching for a husband or even wondering what would happen.

Nothing makes you a grown up quicker than having a child! I've realized over the last few months that I've made some very adult decisions and didn't even realize the transformation was happening. I've got a college fund and savings fund for Princess, I've put her in the best school I can find and sat down to look at finances to make sure I can afford it. I've researched the different options to make sure I will move to the right area for us to be safe and happy, I haven't jumped at my impulses like I would have in the past.

When my house was broken into I carefully looked at options for the replacements-I tried to find the best value and prices on things. Even though I REALLY wanted a Mac I went with a HP, because I know that a grand on a laptop isn't necessary for me to just browse the net and FB. I've been car hunting, trying to find something better and more reliable than my poor little lemon I got. I was at a dealer yesterday and it came down to only one option-a car I didn't REALLY want, but it was a good decent car-I walked away. In the past I would have smiled, said sure, and signed on the dotted line. I actually decided to walk away and think about it for 24 hours, and decided that there could be a better option out there for me.

I'm in the process of planning my first vacation in 3 years, and trying to find the best possible deal and not just be swayed by pretty pictures (we are going to Florida in June-YAY) I even plan to go on a vacation once a year. I want Princess to have a full and fun life and get a lot of experiences. I haven't been very many places myself, and I want  to make sure she has more opportunities than that. I'm also putting her in a ballet class in March, which I'm super excited about. I'm hoping she loves dance as much as I do!!

I think I've finally grown up...its taken awhile. I'm not really sure how much I like this whole 'adult' thing, but its what's best for my child, and ultimately best for me too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Am I crispy or crunchy?

Have you heard the term 'crunchy momma'? It refers to those 'hippie-like moms' who make their own baby food, babywear and use cloth diapers. Now, if you know me then you KNOW I can't make regular food, let alone baby food. I bought one of those Baby Bjorn (the devil) things for Princess and put her in it once. And cloth diapers-me? Seriously? I still have no interest in the making baby food part, however, I wish more than anything I had learned about baby wearing when she was an infant. True baby wearing-using a moby wrap or something similar. The 'crotch danglers' as my friends like to call them are very bad for your baby. Think about this-would you want some hard material holding you up from your sensitive area like that? I think the idea of true baby wearing is wonderful and beneficial and seriously freaking genius. You get to snuggle baby close to your heart and your hands are free to actually do something! Sweet!

Cloth diapers=love. I love putting something fresh, clean, and soft against her delicate skin. Not full of chemicals and rough. The diaper laundry isn't even that bad and if you aren't swayed by the super adorable prints you can get then I don't know what else would convince you!

I guess I'm crispy-I'm trying anyway. I'm going to try to get some more crispness to me here in the next few months, not just with her but myself-organic, clean, healthy. That's my goal.
And just for fun my crispy princess sporting her care bear cloth from Summer Sky Bamboo

Sunday, February 13, 2011

One crazy year

So my hope was that 2011 would be my great year. I'd be happy, healthy, and ready for new excitement. Yeah, I got excitement all right...My apartment was broken into 3 weeks ago. They stole ALL of my electronics, my camera, my laptop with all the pictures of Princess's life on it. The thing that upset me the most was knowing malicious people were in my home, touching my daughter's stuff, my stuff. That someone came and violated me on such a personal level. I'm still having trouble sleeping, being in the quiet. But I'm trying to be an adult-get over it, move on. File the insurance, replace and repair the hurt. But I'm definitely moving OUT of the Big D when the lease is up. not sure where exactly. My princess is getting older, so we can go start enjoying things like library story times, the park, play dates, and I'm hoping to go back to church, and there are a few good churches out in that area.

Secondly I ended up having to pull Princess out of her daycare. I just couldn't take it anymore. The constant sickness-she couldn't get over it b/c they were allowing sick TEACHERS to be there. There is no way she could stay healthy when they didn't even care if the teacher was hacking and coughing all over the kids. The final straw was the staph infection she got from them. I don't know why cleaning a child well at diaper change, and staying sanitary are so difficult, but apparently so. I also realized she ended up with pink eye from there too-just too much for me. I actually got her dad to go with me to tour a new school, the one I've actually been wanting to send her too since she was a newborn. she'll be starting there right after she turns 2. I can't believe she's almost 2, but that will be a separate post...

Work has been insane. So stressful-everyone has been stressed out due to the super bowl/bud light hotel, and then we had 2 weeks of insane snow/ice which actually closed us down for a few days-something that NEVER HAPPENS. you know the weather is a mess if we are closed!! Everyone has been stressed out, crabby, exhausted. Its been so hard to be positive, and sometimes even hard to be nice. I had stress too with all that, but most of the people I work with didn't know that. Its just been so frustrating and I'm really hoping that it all gets back to normal!

With how hard this year has been so far, its one of the first times in awhile that I really wish I wasn't single-that I had someone there to help me handle all the stress, comfort me, help me navigate through it all. But I'm a big girl, I've had to handle it all on my own (with support from friends and family, which I really do appreciate it) but its not the same as having a boyfriend/husband/significant other there next to me to help me all through it. I feel like I've had no choice but to completely grow up, emotionally, to try to make it through all this.

I'd just like the next few weeks to be quiet and drama free please....