Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, so today I started the 21 Day Challenge. I also had a seriously hardcore workout. I really really want to write about it, but I'm so exhausted that I just cant do it. So tomorrow. If I can get out of bed. Good grief I'm tired. And sore.

soooo tired.............

Monday, March 28, 2011

A mini breakthrough at Camp Gladiator!

Day: 3
Feelings:A little dizzy, had to do a modified exercise, but felt better than last time!

So lets try it this way-Food:
Bfast-Oatmeal, 1.25 cups of iced coffee
Snack-Fiber One bar
Lunch-Salmon, converted rice, broccoli & tea (My Fit Foods)
Snack-3 cubes jack cheese, 2 apple slices, almonds, dried cranberries (My Fit Foods)
Dinner-Peanut butter & strawberry jello on honey whole wheat & 6 oz. chocolate milk (supposedly it helps rebuild muscles right after a workout)

So today I finally went to My Fit Foods Pretty great concept-they cook the meals, stock them up, you come buy and eat. Easy. All the carbs/proteins/fats are counted for you. They are freshly prepared around the clock and contain gluten-free, hormone free, converted, and clean foods. I absolutely loved it. They have a 21 Day Challenge where you basically detox, and you can lose 8-15 lbs on it. Pretty good huh. I'm meeting with a nutritionist tomorrow to learn more about the Challenge.

Todays workout was awesome. We played Freeze Tag. So fun. Then our workouts which was along the lines of a partner workout, where one person did arm rows the other did pushups, then we did some overhead presses, and more rows along with this weird up/down leg thing.
My achievements from the day-I ran both laps we did without stopping, and wasn't last or even very close to last. We also did a plank as our cooldown-60 seconds and they wanted you to do front, side, side however often you wanted to alternate. I only dropped my knees for a split second and even managed to do both sides without dropping. I'm pretty proud of myself. I even kept moving in Freeze Tag and even tried to avoid being 'frozen'.

So day 3 of the workout has been a success. I even managed to get a couple of walks with Molly in over the last 4 days. I'm pretty proud of myself!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new interest....

So I've been trying to stay motivated for my workout, and for developing better eating habits. And it got me thinking-I researched becoming a personal trainer years ago when i was trying to decide what I wanted to 'do' with my life. I've always enjoyed motivating and coaching people. I thought being a trainer was an excellent idea-I get to boss people around and help them change their lives for the better-perfect job right? In addition, I get to keep myself trim and healthy. Well, of course getting a job with Budweiser way outweighed that idea.

But doing research on healthy habits and working out for work got me very interested in the eating side of health. So my mind is running along the path of maybe getting a Fitness Nutrition certification. I can get one for $300 through a highly accredited organization. The most important part is learning it for MYSELF , but the other side of it is that makes a really great side career-developing healthy eating plans, maybe writing a book, perhaps using the knowledge to help work towards better nutrition in schools (that's actually my real idea lately-helping convince school districts to serve BETTER healthy and cost effective meals, my kid will be eating that one day soon). And it would be nice to be certified in something again, to have something to fall back on just in case.

So I'm still researching, the new me doesn't want to just spend $300 on something until I'm sure I would make some sort of use of it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a workout! Day 2

Feeling-a few side cramps, some pain in the legs, but less 'breaks' than Day 1

So this was day 2 of Camp Gladiator. Holy Moly I've been sore the last 2 days, but I feel AWESOME. I've even been pretty awesome on my eating. I seriously don't remember what I had yesterday but here is today:
Bfast-1 large banana
Iced Coffee
Snack-clementine & small piece of reduced fat cheese
Lunch-Small salad-romaine, grilled chicken, apples, dried cranberries & pomegranate dressing (so yum)
Snack-peanut butter & about 10 mini club crackers
Dinner-a soft beef taco w/ salsa

not too bad-coulda done better on the dinner but I really wasn't very hungry, and that was all that sounded good.

Our cG workout was pretty neat-after our warm up we broke into groups and had 'competition'. We did different exercises (jump squats, star jumps, high knees) for a race. My team, not so good. But today I did a little more than I did on Monday, so I'm happy with that. My abs will be BURNING tomorrow-we did a lot of reverse crunches, bicycle crunches and planks. It was a challenge for sure, but I really enjoyed it.

I feel like I need a beer now....but its off to take a shower and relax the muscles and since my daughter implied I stink, guess I better take care of that too.

cG wut wut!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Life-Day 1

Day: 1
Feeling: Not so great, felt 'heavy' and was out of breath a lot. Lots of breaks during the workout to catch my breath

Ok, sooooo today was sort of my 'new start'. At work we are paying a portion for the employees to participate in Camp Gladiator-a top ranked Fitness boot camp. Today was my 1st day. I really want to lose some weight and get healthier so I can enjoy time with Princess more-I need more energy, less stress, um better lung capacity (this kid is fast). So in addition to the workouts I'm trying to change my eating habits. So I'm going to try to blog on the days that I workout (every day if I can actually find time, but doubtful) with my workout experience and what I ate. Yeah yeah yeah, boring I know. Well, then don't read it ;)

So todays food intake:
Bfast-Fiber One Coconut Caramel Fudge Bar (seriously tastes like a Samoa girl scout cookie-really)
1 cup iced coffee (no sugar, just about a tablespoon of vanilla creamer)
Snack-handful of Fruit Cheerios-yes cheerios, not fruit loops!
Lunch-tuna & chicken salads with fresh fruit with poppy seed dressing (Dream Cafe is sooo yummy)
Dinner-a grilled chicken wrap from McDonalds
Oh, and you don't need to critique my food-I'm not 'tracking' my food, I'm just slowly making better choices for myself. So please no "oh well you know that wrap has blah blah calories and poppy seed dressing is full of sugar blah blah."

My first workout at Camp Gladiator was great. It was HARD. Like, seriously hard, but the trainers are great and are checking on you, fixing form, giving suggestions. But its more timed workouts-not 'sets' really so you aren't trying to keep up with anyone else-just pushing yourself. Everyone was so awesome, and I could hear lots of 'Good job so-and-so' and we were encouraged to tell fellow gladiators 'great job' after each section. Lots of high-fives. I seriously dug it. Some of our exercises included:
Burpees (devil-this should be punishment for people who break laws)
High Knees
Quick Feet
A couple of laps and other stuff I think I've blocked out right now. Lets just say if my legs don't run off without me in the middle of the night they must not hate me as much as I hate them right now.

So I'm working hard on the outer appearance right now. I've also decided to CUT MY HAIR. Short. Ish. So like just at my shoulders probably-bangs again and some layers. I've also finally decided to start lightening it again. So I'll hopefully be the sexy beach bunny I once was when we go to florida in 2 months.

Ok, weeeeeeell I think thats it for today. Looking forward to not being able to walk (move, breath, pick up things) tomorrow!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of His hand
~An Irish Blessing

This is my favorite Irish blessing. When J and I were together we always said this together on St. Pats over a beer surrounded by good friends, it makes me a little sad, but I enjoy the memories. This year my St. Pats will be a little different. I'm going to look up some Irish stories/fairytales and tell Molly some over bedtime tonight. We will be having corned beef and veggies at my mom's house. No drinking and foolishness this year for me, and I THINK I'm ok with that. I've maybe finally outgrown my party days. But on this day I will always fondly remember those past crazy times and the drunkeness I have shared. Now its time to share some Irish heratige with my little Irish princess!

Happy St. Patricks day my friends, enjoy it safely!
My Irish Princess

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally some GOOD.

So basically this year has sucked so far. Even though I've been trying hard to pull it together it still just can't come together. Until NOW. Starting with....

Princess's 2nd birthday! My little princess is now TWO years old.  I've made it through 2 years of her life. I have much gray hair now. Ulcers, exhaustion, sore back....all things that apparently come with chasing after/stressing over/worrying about a toddler. She's becoming so smart. Her vocabulary is great, she sings, dances, figures out things-like how to scale her bookcase and uses her monkey toes to climb her baby gate. She really needs to be less smart....

I got a new car! Woo!!! The alternator went out again on the Mazda, so after having it repaired I took it to Toyota of Plano and got a shiny new Kia Soul sport. I LOVE this new car. Its got everything I need, good gas mileage, and its super adorable.

I'm starting Camp Gladiator on Monday and am sooooo excited. I can't wait to finally start working on a fitness program again. I actually enjoy working out and eating healthy, but lately I've been so exhausted and stressed out that I haven't felt like doing anything. I miss having my real life going on and have finally started taking the steps i need to get it back.

I'm apartment hunting again. Researching is more like it.  So those are the areas I'm researching and debating on. Obviously my old stomping grounds is where I would PREFER to live, but that drive is the only factor. Even though I'd be thrilled to be in my hometown every weekend, I'm not sure I'm willing to devote 2-3 hours a day on a drive.

So, I'm happy to finally making some moves in the right direction. The car was a key first step, now once my insurance money comes back, I get moved, and feel safe again then I'll be on the path back to a happy life!!!