Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally some GOOD.

So basically this year has sucked so far. Even though I've been trying hard to pull it together it still just can't come together. Until NOW. Starting with....

Princess's 2nd birthday! My little princess is now TWO years old.  I've made it through 2 years of her life. I have much gray hair now. Ulcers, exhaustion, sore back....all things that apparently come with chasing after/stressing over/worrying about a toddler. She's becoming so smart. Her vocabulary is great, she sings, dances, figures out things-like how to scale her bookcase and uses her monkey toes to climb her baby gate. She really needs to be less smart....

I got a new car! Woo!!! The alternator went out again on the Mazda, so after having it repaired I took it to Toyota of Plano and got a shiny new Kia Soul sport. I LOVE this new car. Its got everything I need, good gas mileage, and its super adorable.

I'm starting Camp Gladiator on Monday and am sooooo excited. I can't wait to finally start working on a fitness program again. I actually enjoy working out and eating healthy, but lately I've been so exhausted and stressed out that I haven't felt like doing anything. I miss having my real life going on and have finally started taking the steps i need to get it back.

I'm apartment hunting again. Researching is more like it.  So those are the areas I'm researching and debating on. Obviously my old stomping grounds is where I would PREFER to live, but that drive is the only factor. Even though I'd be thrilled to be in my hometown every weekend, I'm not sure I'm willing to devote 2-3 hours a day on a drive.

So, I'm happy to finally making some moves in the right direction. The car was a key first step, now once my insurance money comes back, I get moved, and feel safe again then I'll be on the path back to a happy life!!!

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