Monday, April 18, 2011

Doctor booooo!

Well it seems every time I THINK I'm getting ahead, something has to knock me back a couple of steps dang it. I had my appointment with the orthopedic doc today, and I have Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. And Now I get to drag this along for the next 4 weeks...

Yep, a boot. By the way, its hard as hell to drive in that damn thing!! 4 weeks of no impact and immobilizing it to see if the tendon can heal. It could be worse, it could be a real cast or I could need surgery which are the other options. hopefully this helps and I'll be back in action. 

This is the off week for CG, but a new camp starts next week, but I CANT GO. See above picture for reason why. I'm so frustrated. I'm still struggling to physically see the difference since the scale doesn't say anything, however, I'm used to seeing me-I don't think I look any different. But I do FEEL different and I know thats what really matters. I've been sleeping (when she actually sleeps through the night) really great, I feel good, so I know the workouts and the 21 Day Challenge have helped that. Tomorrow is my LAST day of the challenge! Woo hoo!! I've really enjoyed the great food, however I am looking forward to making my own choices again. I think I can keep myself in control and still stay away from the fast food, the sodas, etc. 

I got an email right as I was leaving work today that NESTA is offering a corporate wellness certification. I have something I need to go research now, since i was JUST looking at other corporate wellness programs.....sometimes things really DO seem to fall in place I suppose.....

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So yesterday was M's very first Pre-Ballet class. They dont let parents in the room so as to not distract the kids. She had 4 little ballerinas in her class. She made a new friend, Maizy, an almost 3 year old little girl. Molly looked just adorable in her leotard, tights and her little ballet slippers

While she was twirling in class, mommy was taking her first Zumba class. Now THAT is a workout! I shook, sweat, and panted my way through an hour of rumba, salsa, booty shaking and jumping. It was a really great class. 

When class was over her teacher told me she did a great job, she paid attention, and had fun. She said she was impressed she did so well for her first class. i really wish I could watch, but I understand. I opened the door once to let Maizy back in after she went to the restroom and Molly saw me and wanted to come out. She got a sticker and a sucker after class, and as we were walking to the car she was saying 'i dance momma!'. Once we got in the car she pointed back outside and said 'Dance momma, lets go!' and as we were driving off she kept yelling 'I daaaance momma!'. So I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it. Looks like this will be a well spent $65!!! I can't wait for her next class on Saturday!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Great Week

Well, I've had a full week of the 21 Day Challenge. Today completes Day 10, so only 11 days to go! I had a major craving at lunch time yesterday-I seriously wanted some pizza. I don't usually like pizza all that much, I want it maybe once a month, but thats pretty much it. Yesterday I would have paid any price in the world to have some. But I stayed strong, I ate my Ginger Chicken happily. I've really enjoyed all the food so far. Its a lot of chicken, I will say that. But each meal has been flavorful, filling, and more than enough food for me.

I've just finished Week 3 of Camp Gladiator. Only ONE week left, and I'm really sad about that, however, I'm for sure signing up for the next 3 rounds at least!! I had lunch with 2 of my favorite trainers today to discuss sponsorship of the upcoming Gladiator Games, and I loved just talking to them about the camp. I feel so empowered, passionate, and EXCITED to go, and it never feels like I HAVE to be there-I WANT to be there. And I've become such a CG nerd so it was so nice to be able to talk to other people who were as passionately obsessive about it as I've become! :) Brooke is ready to work on her fitness certification too, so I have a study buddy to work with! Yay!

I finally found a dance class for Molly! She will begin Pre-Ballet at a studio here in Dallas this Saturday. I'll admit, I'm super excited to take her to get fitted for her first ballet shoes-yes, I'm seriously a nerd, Im so cheezy over things other people wouldn't even care about. But even better about the dance class, is that while she is twirling and being a little twinkle toes, mommy gets to take ZUMBA!!! I've missed dance so much and I'm so excited that while Molly is getting some exercise and socialization I'll be doing something I love too-back dancing and getting in shape.

I'm so ready for July to get here so we can MOVE! I've pretty much decided that I need to rent a HOUSE. I'm so sick of loud noisy neighbors, and I desperately want a yard for M to play in. I'm picturing pretty flowers, a little garden maybe, a sprinkler for M to run through and a small swing set for her to play. I'm also imagining a beautiful Christmas in a nice big house surrounded by family, and some kid-friendly bbqs or get-togethers. The exact area is still being narrowed down, but it will be towards the Coppell/Lewisville/Flower Mound/Valley Ranch area.

Hm, I think thats about it as far as fun news.....

Friday, April 01, 2011

21 Day Challenge

Ok, I finally can start to update! I started the  My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge on Wednesday. Basically, you eat 5 meals a day (duh) but its meals they have already prepared fresh for you. You get 3-4 days of meals at a time, the nutritionist makes out the meal plan for you, so you literally just drop in, pick up what she's already pulled out for you, take it home, and eat according to schedule. The meals are made around the clock, so the food you eat is completely fresh. They are packaged all nice and pretty in a microwavable container. All the calories, fat, protein, and carbs are labeled for you and your meals are organized to give you a good variety but still have you reach an appropriate caloric intake. You need to do a liver cleanse, which I don't think is a pure cleanse, since like my mom said you really shouldn't be eating when you cleanse, but its designed to help purge your liver sort of. Its GROSS. 4 oz. unsweetened pure cranberry juice, 1 tbl apple cider vinegar and half a lemon. Take every day after breakfast. In addition, I'm taking CLA (fat burner) at breakfast & lunch, and glutamine (to repair sore muscles also curbs sweet cravings) at night. I've gone for 3 days without coffee/tea/soda and have added ALOT more water to my day. I haven't felt hungry or deprived or like I'm 'dieting' because I'm NOT. I'm eating healthy meals at the right time, with the right caloric intake and I always feel satisfied, but not at all heavy. A big plus especially on workout days!

The food has been amazing-spicy turkey breakfast tacos, amazing salmon, tons of fresh tasty fruit. its all been so good so far. Adding a great healthy eating routine to my Camp Gladiator will just help drop the fat even more!! I've done 4 CG sessions so far. Every one of them has been challenging, fun, different, inspiring and HARD. But in a good way. The trainers have been amazing. Amy & Mason encourage me, correct form, acknowledge correct movements, and most of all make each day interesting to go to. This is the first workout I've not once thought 'I really don't want to go today'. I actually look forward to each session and quite possibly would go every single day if I could!

I've enjoyed this round of workouts, I've really enjoyed promoting both MFF and CG and encouraging my friends and coworkers to try it out. I'm planning to do my Fitness Nutrition Coach certification in May and maybe even go ahead and get my personal trainer certification in July. I'm really more interested in nutrition. My interest right now is Child Nutrition. Maybe I can help change some of the ways that kids are being fed in schools, or restaurants and help them have more healthy options. The knowledge is out there, and I want to soak it all up.