Thursday, June 30, 2011

So close.....

So in 1 week I will be done packing, cleaning my old apartment, and getting ready for the new apartment! I'm so ready to be out of this place. The lights in my kitchen have gone out AGAIN, the parking is horrible suddenly-i guess we had new people move in that I never noticed? And tonight there have been at least 5 cops roaming around my building, they even knocked on my door but I didnt get to it in time. So apparently SOMETHING scary has been going on. I'm just ready to GO. This place creeps me out just being here. I'm looking forward to being on my nice safe 3rd story! We went and looked at the apartment-its so nice, bright and airy. The kitchen is so gorgeous and I just cant wait!!! I'm also going to give M a 'big girl' room. All the princess stuff is gone, and we will have a new twin sleigh bed or daybed, and a fun nature theme-owls, birds, trees, butterflies. All purples, greens, yellows and just a little bit of pink! I'm just excited. Ready to be out of here.

So last night was one of the HARDEST Camp Gladiator workouts EVER. It was actually auditions. CG is recruiting trainers for new areas and there were 22 wanna-be CG trainers out to show the Contenders thier stuff! It was so awesome to have ALL the current trainers in the DFW area out and get to finally meet some of these awesome people who are motivating and supporting me from afar. We started out with a light jog around the park, then some drills-high knees, butt kicks, shuffles etc. We then did a hardcore 'Popsicle Workout' as teams. Ab blasters, burpees, frog jumps, sprints. Next some Extreme Football for the mighty and abs and stretches for the ones ready for a break (like me). The auditioning trainers each got 3-5 minutes to show us thier own workout, show us how they motivate and let us 'rate' them. I didnt get to stay for that part (hungry baby girl at home!) but I hear it went well and we have several trainers heading to Austin for Academy!! I'm excited for the new trainers!! I AM sad that I will only have 1 day with my awesome trainers that I've worked with for 8 weeks. I'll be starting at a new morning camp that is literally right behind my new apartment. I'll be working out with the oh-so-awesome David and I think it will be great. I'm looking forward to doing morning workouts as opposed to afternoons. It will be cooler, I'll be wide awake and ready for the day when I show up to work, and well i will get it over with first thing in the morning! I haven't lost any pounds yet, but I have lost inches and I care more about that than anything else. I'll probably post more specific measurements after one more round. We'll see. I'm hoping after the move I can get back focused on working on my nutrition certification. With so much going on I just havent had time.

One more week and it will all be different....I've said that in the past, but I'm MAKING IT TRUE this time!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fought through the torture again!

Wow, todays Camp Gladiator workout was HARD. Like had to stop and take a few breaks hard. Like feeling like I needed to puke hard. but I got through it. I'm freakin SORE. Lots of lateral jacks, star jumps, burpees (oh how I hate burpees) tuck jumps (which I was complimented on-NICE) lots of sprints and high knees. Some other stuff too but I may have blacked out (just kidding of course). My injury seems to have good and bad days. Of course I probably over did it with my AWESOME tuck jumps. My days of dance and cheer are coming back to me. We did high kicks and about a zillion squats. My booty be looking sexy soon!!! Week 3 is over for me, but 1 more week to go then I can do final measurements for this round. I did some last weekend and had lost 1 whole inch off my calf & thigh. Nothing off my flabby belly yet dang it. Oh well-I'm trying! More than I can say for myself 8 weeks ago. Zumba last weekend was AWESOME. My friend Jello came with me, and we had fun. I was sweating buckets when it was over, and am seriously disappointed my seductive shaking I used to have pre-baby. I need to bring my sexy back!!!

The move countdown is down to like 23 I think. Its soooo close. And I just can't wait. Of course I've barely packed anything but a 2 year old 'helping' you makes it a little hard to do. I'm freakin excited. i want it to hurry up and get here. I'm going to look at it on Saturday-they didnt have one for me to look at before, so they showed me the model wich is similar. I'm just looking forward to a new city that I wouldnt be scared to drive in at night, going to the gas station without some homeless dude coming up and asking for some change, or be worried that random people are just walking around everywhere.

Ok, this is shorter than I intended because its 930 and I'm freakin exhausted. Good night friends

Sunday, June 12, 2011

26 Days to go

And I've packed a total of 2 boxes. For someone who hates moving as much as I do, you would think I'd find one place and STAY. If i could ever decide what I truly want then I probably would. Actually, I know what I really want I'm just to afraid to do it.

Anyway, its been a pretty great week. My boss was on vacation so I was able to get some things caught up, even cleaned my desk a good deal. Filing, trash, organization etc. Our big yearly bonus meeting is coming up this weekend also. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to the Mavs game tonight, but my lazy ass really should get up and pack another box since the lil princess is sleeping. But instead I'm researching. Researching nutrition stuff and childbirth education-not for personal need!! No more babies here. But I've always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of things relating to babies to those first time parents out there. I think my desire to research the crap out of everything, plus my need to be a know-it-all mean I'd be good at teaching classes or something. Not as a job really, but maybe just something fun to do. I need some new interests in my life and thats stuff that helps me be a better mom. I'd also like to be one of those cool blogger moms who gets to try nifty new things and blog about it. There are just so many interesting things out there to do, I dont know why I could do some of them. I'd be doing something I enjoyed and maybe even enjoy it more since it wouldn't be 'work' it would be a fun hobby. Just trying to figure out how to go about doing it. I've been looking at having my nutrition certification as a prenatal certification also.

We move in 26 days. I'm so excited to be in my pretty new town where I'm not afraid of being asked for 'spare change' at the gas station, or worried my car will be slashed or missing each time I walk outside. Or listening to the insanely crazy loud people who live above me. Thats the best part-NO neighbors at all except across the hall. None next door, none above. I really need to get going on the packing though, otherwise I will be staying up all night packing like I did the first year M was born! Not a fun night at all. Of course she was only 4 months old and waking up every 2 hours anyway, so its not like I would have slept anyhow.

I can't believe CG is already half way over. Week 3 starts tomorrow (bring a buddy week! you can try it out FOR FREE) I am so happy to be back in it. It has really boosted my mood back up and made me feel so much better. I also am back in Zumba which is so great! I just hate that I feel so uncoordinated now. I danced for years, always considered myself to have some 'sex appeal' even in my chubby state, but watching myself in that mirror as a I dance-clearly my hips and booty have lost the seductive 'shimmy' they used to have! But its ok. I'll get it back! Camp Gladiator has already shaved an inch off my calves and thighs! I just did some quick measurements the other day. Sadly my waist has NOT changed yet, but I'm not at all surprised. I havent checked my arms, but I'm hoping to have gained a half inch atleast. I've really fought to keep going with the weights, and even bumped up to using 10s last monday instead of my piddly 5s.

The princess is napping...perhaps I'll take one too. Or pack. nap sounds better though....

Friday, June 03, 2011

What IS Camp Gladiator & why does my body hate me?

Yep, my body hates me. Camp Gladiator really kicked my ass on Wednesday. But its GREAT. I'm glad to feel sore, it means I worked hard. I'm just pleased my trainers are so supportive and encouraging. I haven't been to camp in 6 weeks due to tibia tendinitis, I've been in a walking boot for 6 weeks. But my first day back both of my awesome trainers checked on me several times (in a group of 60+) to make sure I felt ok and was keeping up and kept encouraging me. CG has this amazing environment. People you dont even KNOW are telling you to go stronger, that you can do it. The trainers are correcting form, encouraging you, and pushing you in a non-threating way that makes you WANT to keep going. The other Contenders (yep, we have a name for ourselves!) are also encouraging you, not judging you but encouraging. You work at YOUR pace-no one is standing there counting how many burpees you do or how far you run.

You have an option of 60+ locations, days, times to attend, how ever many you want to go to! 2 a week, 6 a week, 10 a week!! And you dont have to go to the same location every time. I do T. Park M/W and FPH Park T/H (or a combination of those-I obviously can't go 4 days a week due to Molly) The 3rd week of camp is bring a friend week-your friend can go to any camp anytime (doesnt even HAVE to be with you!) and try it out, no pressure. If they like it they usually get a discount to sign up and YOU get a referral bonus!

The workouts are pretty intense but good for everyone from beginner to expert athletes. Take me for instance-I hadn't worked out hard core in 3 years and I didnt have any problems. I just watched my pace, my own strength and listened to my body for cues on if was doing it hard enough. We have weight days and cardio days. Every day is a different workout. you wont do the same workout twice, even if you go to different camps!! We use props-tires, tennis balls, scooters, medicine balls etc. One camp even had a Glow Stick workout! Its FUN. Yeah, you are working out and burning calories, but you dont even realize the hour has gone by! Examples: Burpees, lunges, sexy spider, high knees, Freeze Tag, Choice Night, and so much more.

I'm so glad I found Camp Gladiator. Its renewed my passion in fitness and nutrition, I've made some new friends in the trainers, and I actually look forward to going to camp! I took all my measurements before I started this round. looking forward to 4 weeks to see what I've lost!

If Camp Gladiator sounds like something you would be interested in you should check out the link up above!! Or ask me more questions.

"Working out gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy" Elle Woods-Legally Blonde
Yes, working out really does boost your mood!! I've learned that personally!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Back on TRACK!!!

So today was my first day back at Camp Gladiator!! Its really freakin HOT at 6:30 pm on June 1st in Texas. Holy cow I thought I would pass out. It was so great though to be back at workout. I got some weird news right before the workout that should have made me cry, feel depressed, but I didnt cry-I guess I basically just pushed it back and thought "I'll deal later". Well, its almost 5 hours later and its still just sitting in the back of my mind. Some unsettling thoughts are popping up but still-pushing them back. I'll deal with it later.

Surprisingly I came home and had a very nice goofy night with my little princess. Did the baby bop hop, some silly dancing. Working out really DOES boost your mood. Even in the midst of the most depressing news I could probably hear I was still happy and upbeat and goofy with my sweet baby girl. I just hope she sleeps through the night and we dont have another fit at 2:30 am like last night. I'm so emotionally drained after the weekend of her being in and out of the ER and doc visits, and worried about the move and blah blah. But, I'm going to TRY to put on a positive face, and accept the things
I have no control over, and just focus on the things I CAN control. My own happiness, my own life, my own desires, and the health & happiness of my amazing little girl. 

So back to the workout. I went to My Fit Foods today and got lunches for the rest of the week, I have snacks already so my goal is to drink TONS of water and stay energized by eating the right foods at the right time. I had my first workout after 6 weeks in the boot healing my injury. It was HARD. Tonight Amy did "Choice Night" where we got to choose different workouts. All hard. All very very hard. Especially in 90+ weather outdoors. I thought I was going to have a heat stroke!! I didnt do as well as I had hoped I would, but I didnt totally suck. I may go to a session tomorrow evening, or maybe try on Saturday morning. At the very least i will be back at my regular one on M/W. I even took my measurements this time so I can actually see what I lose. I dont really lose pounds I tone up and build muscles, so its more inches I'm looking for. i really dont even care if i lose pounds. I'm more concerend with how I look and feel.

So back to the workout grind. Time to FINALLY get it in shape! CG WUT WUT!!