Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fought through the torture again!

Wow, todays Camp Gladiator workout was HARD. Like had to stop and take a few breaks hard. Like feeling like I needed to puke hard. but I got through it. I'm freakin SORE. Lots of lateral jacks, star jumps, burpees (oh how I hate burpees) tuck jumps (which I was complimented on-NICE) lots of sprints and high knees. Some other stuff too but I may have blacked out (just kidding of course). My injury seems to have good and bad days. Of course I probably over did it with my AWESOME tuck jumps. My days of dance and cheer are coming back to me. We did high kicks and about a zillion squats. My booty be looking sexy soon!!! Week 3 is over for me, but 1 more week to go then I can do final measurements for this round. I did some last weekend and had lost 1 whole inch off my calf & thigh. Nothing off my flabby belly yet dang it. Oh well-I'm trying! More than I can say for myself 8 weeks ago. Zumba last weekend was AWESOME. My friend Jello came with me, and we had fun. I was sweating buckets when it was over, and am seriously disappointed my seductive shaking I used to have pre-baby. I need to bring my sexy back!!!

The move countdown is down to like 23 I think. Its soooo close. And I just can't wait. Of course I've barely packed anything but a 2 year old 'helping' you makes it a little hard to do. I'm freakin excited. i want it to hurry up and get here. I'm going to look at it on Saturday-they didnt have one for me to look at before, so they showed me the model wich is similar. I'm just looking forward to a new city that I wouldnt be scared to drive in at night, going to the gas station without some homeless dude coming up and asking for some change, or be worried that random people are just walking around everywhere.

Ok, this is shorter than I intended because its 930 and I'm freakin exhausted. Good night friends

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