Friday, June 03, 2011

What IS Camp Gladiator & why does my body hate me?

Yep, my body hates me. Camp Gladiator really kicked my ass on Wednesday. But its GREAT. I'm glad to feel sore, it means I worked hard. I'm just pleased my trainers are so supportive and encouraging. I haven't been to camp in 6 weeks due to tibia tendinitis, I've been in a walking boot for 6 weeks. But my first day back both of my awesome trainers checked on me several times (in a group of 60+) to make sure I felt ok and was keeping up and kept encouraging me. CG has this amazing environment. People you dont even KNOW are telling you to go stronger, that you can do it. The trainers are correcting form, encouraging you, and pushing you in a non-threating way that makes you WANT to keep going. The other Contenders (yep, we have a name for ourselves!) are also encouraging you, not judging you but encouraging. You work at YOUR pace-no one is standing there counting how many burpees you do or how far you run.

You have an option of 60+ locations, days, times to attend, how ever many you want to go to! 2 a week, 6 a week, 10 a week!! And you dont have to go to the same location every time. I do T. Park M/W and FPH Park T/H (or a combination of those-I obviously can't go 4 days a week due to Molly) The 3rd week of camp is bring a friend week-your friend can go to any camp anytime (doesnt even HAVE to be with you!) and try it out, no pressure. If they like it they usually get a discount to sign up and YOU get a referral bonus!

The workouts are pretty intense but good for everyone from beginner to expert athletes. Take me for instance-I hadn't worked out hard core in 3 years and I didnt have any problems. I just watched my pace, my own strength and listened to my body for cues on if was doing it hard enough. We have weight days and cardio days. Every day is a different workout. you wont do the same workout twice, even if you go to different camps!! We use props-tires, tennis balls, scooters, medicine balls etc. One camp even had a Glow Stick workout! Its FUN. Yeah, you are working out and burning calories, but you dont even realize the hour has gone by! Examples: Burpees, lunges, sexy spider, high knees, Freeze Tag, Choice Night, and so much more.

I'm so glad I found Camp Gladiator. Its renewed my passion in fitness and nutrition, I've made some new friends in the trainers, and I actually look forward to going to camp! I took all my measurements before I started this round. looking forward to 4 weeks to see what I've lost!

If Camp Gladiator sounds like something you would be interested in you should check out the link up above!! Or ask me more questions.

"Working out gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy" Elle Woods-Legally Blonde
Yes, working out really does boost your mood!! I've learned that personally!

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