Tuesday, July 19, 2011


FINALLY moved in!! Well, was moved in a week and a half ago, but just now having time to update. Being drugged up from emergency dental surgery yesterday gave me a smidge of free time.

So we combined mine and my moms house, so that I can have some help with my incredibly energetic toddler. It also helps that between us we could afford this amazingly beautiful apartment. Its a HUGE 3 bed/2bath with the biggest kitchen I've ever seen outside of an actual home. Its big and open, so much light and space. We still have some boxes to finish going through and my room is a disaster. My closet rod was broken so I couldnt hang clothes, but its fixed now thanks to Handy-Mom but I havent caught up. I had a busy weekend-we had a birthday party to go to at a splash park/pool and the little princess had a blast!

Isnt she a little doll!! Anyway, after the party we came home and tried to get some of the boxes all put away and organized. I need to take Princess's stuff and sell it. She has FAR to much and a smaller room now! I have so many decorating ideas, I just cant wait to have it all put up so we can start decorating!!! This Fall will be great, I'm looking forward to open windows (bonus of the 3rd floor) the scent of pumpkin and apple-spice filling the house, and a big Thanksgiving. I also can't wait to get it all put together and have a little dinner party. I've already told mom we need to have one and invite some friends to come over for wine, freshly baked goodies, and maybe even actual dinner. We'll see. We need a table for sure first though!

I havent been to work out at all this session which is driving me crazy, but the camp is just 2 minutes away from me at 5:30 am. Princess hasn't been sleeping well yet, as she is still adjusting to the new environment and the new school. So unfortunantly I'm only getting a couple of hours of sleep a night and haven't been able to get out of bed since her last wake up is usually around 4 am. She seems to LOVE her new school though and is officially POTTY TRAINING!! She's been doing so good, 2 days and no accidents at school! We have an alarm clock and stickers for continuing the trainer home on the weekends. I'm hoping that starting next Monday i dont every have to buy pull ups again! She's so excited in the morning when we are on our way and talks about her friends. And when I pick her up she hugs her friends bye and talks about school all the way home. I'm so glad she is somewhere that we are BOTH very happy with for a change.

So my painkillers are wearing off so I'll be ending this here. Hopefully I'll be updating more often as we start getting the house put together and 'prettified'.

Love & Happiness,