Monday, August 22, 2011

What a day!

I'm testing out something here, so don't worry-its nothing interesting!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dance/Cheer/Pagent Mom

So I'm sitting here watching Toddlers & Tiaras. Yes, its a guilty pleasure in a very creepy way because some of these kids creep me out-they look like REAL dolls and its freaky. So watching these moms got me thinking. The episode that is on is for a pagent here in Texas. I also watch Dance Moms. I was on Spirit Team, I did gymnastics, I was on Drill Team. Naturally I want my princess to follow in my footsteps and either be a dancer or a cheerleader. She actually LOVES to dance. She has been in a ballet class for about 3 months. She starts at her new studio on MONDAY and I'm so excited for her. The new studio has a full range of dance, gymnastics and cheer. So if we are here in this area for a long time (Which we will be-If I never get to move back home like I want) then she wold be able to choose as she gets older-dance or cheer. I love going to my neices cheer comps. They are exciting when our teams are performing and we are screaming and cheering for them (people cheering for cheerleaders? Bring it On reference)

Showtime Dance Studio Recital 1995
I WILL NOT BE 'THAT' MOM. I wont be the crazy psycho mom who yells at my child to always be perfect. I feel so bad for these poor girls who dont even LOOK like themselves anymore. Stuffed full of sugar to keep them awake and happy.  Or forcing practice 7 days a week until 11 pm for a child who obviously doesnt WANT to participate. I want her to enjoy it, to develop a passion and a real talent. I miss my dance days. I miss the friendships, I miss the fun costumes, I miss the excitement of learning a new dance, I miss the thrill I would get everytime I would step on the field and know that all eyes were on my team ready to watch us do what we do best-entertain. Dance is such a hard art. Getting all the movements and timing down takes alot of concentration and determination. I love to dance. I love being able to express myself in another way. The way you focus on nothing but the beat and the movements of your body. Its very much the way I feel when I work out now either zumba, boot camp or yoga and I love that I'm able to get that feeling again.

The princess has been asking for 'dance cwass?' for a month now. When we went to test drive our timing to get out to her new studio as soon as we pulled in the parking lot she started saying 'dance cwass? i go dance momma?" There was nothing anywhere to show her that we were at a dance studio. Once we got inside and she saw all the gymnasts, the mirrored walls and the wood floor she kept trying to take off down the hallway to go dance. And she was NOT happy when we left without her getting to dance. Luckily it starts this Monday. We get to go shopping for tap shoes tomorrow and a fun new leotard. For this class she can basically wear anything she wants as long as its tight fitting to allow her to move easily and for the teacher to see her body alignment. She will be in a combo tap/ballet class.

I can't wait to be a dance/cheer mom. I love how devoted my BFF is to her kids. Particularly the cheering part. Finding the crown and royalty related items, making signs, watching practice etc. I love the idea of searching for perfect pink/navy/zebra items or necklaces with crowns on them, to be able to sport all my blink to support my child. Probably the novelty of it will wear off by the second season, but still-it seems so much fun. We'll see how I feel about it in about 2 years!

Ballarina Baby

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Day after & cinnamon!

So its the first day after my first workout after being off for 6 weeks. Its going to be hard to judge, since Ive got a virus right now and am as sick as a dog. sore throat, ear ache, body ache and a head full of cotton. Went to the doc and it isn't strep (thank goodness) but just a virus, I should feel better after rest, fluids, and Advil. I've got the fluids, popped some Advil, and laying on the sofa but unable to fall asleep. Boo. Besides the fact I need to pick up my lil princess in a few hours and don't want to be all groggy.

So my soreness started yesterday. Its continued into today. My shoulders and upper back feel the burn from the planks, and my thighs are pretty sore from the squats and running. My ankles are tight and a little sore. I'm needing to make sure I take it easy on my injured leg while working out, so I'm not doing full out running. I'm ready for my poor leg to be healed so that I CAN get back up full force.

I've been doing pretty good on my eating-mainly smoothies for dinner. My favorite one so far is a little vanilla soy milk, Peach Mango V8 Fusion, and vanilla protein powder. Tastes so yummy! I've cut down my sodas since Sunday and hope I can be weaned off of them by the end of next week. I've upped my water intake by ALOT. Of course being sick is going to throw it off some-I doubt I'll make it to CG in the morning, and I've got fat free raspberry sherbet, sugar free mousse-style pudding, and 2% cottage cheese. One recipe I've seen is for apples, cottage cheese and cinnamon, and I'm looking forward to trying that. did you know that cinnamon is a natural appetite suppressant? Its also an antioxidant and helps with insulin regulation and type 2 diabetes. Its also supposedly a help for toothaches, bad breath, and to help keep the common cold at bay. Learn more about the awesome powers of Cinnamon.

So here I lay on the sofa. Watching Law & Order SVU and surfing FB and BBC. Perhaps I'll try to rest now....

Monday, August 08, 2011

Here we go Work!

I'm warm and cozy in my bed, dreaming about something fabulous (like telling my ex what I REALLY think about his ridiculous drama, or something like that) with my little princess snuggled up against me (by snuggled I mean her feet were jammed in my rib cage and she had pushed me to the very edge of the bed). Then the familiar sounds of The Toadies Tyler start peeking in my dream. Damn it, its 5:10 am! I roll out of bed carefully as to not disturb the princess. I head to the bathroom and gear up-Adidas, black yoga pants, and my black Contender t-shirt. I feel like I'm putting on my armour. I immediately feel awake, alert, and energized. A simple black t-shirt with a quirky logo on red on the front, and the bold letters CONTENDER across the back are like an energy buzz that seeped into my skin. I'm ready. I fill up my water bottle and head down the 3 flights of stairs to my car.
Damn it, forgot my mat. Back up 3 flights of stairs, grab my mat, say good morning to my mom who is up to keep an ear out for my kid to wake up, and back DOWN 3 flights of stairs. Hell I just had my warm-up!

I pull up to Ranchview High School and see several cars, and already hear the AWOL Nation blaring out Sail underneath a black night sky full of stars, as my trainer is calling out warm ups to a group of about 30 Contenders. And although I'm working with a whole new group of people I dont know besides David the trainer, I feel HOME.

The feeling of the sweet night air, the sun still tucked away past the buildings and hills, and the familiar sounds of "high knees, plank, mountain climbers" make me feel alive, awake, and instantly ready to tackle it all. David takes us through a brutal 60 min strength workout. Its Endurance week. The 1st week. Always the hardest. Squat thrusters, push up rowes, jogs, sexy spiders (I hate these too) and an intense ab workout with Russian Twists, alternating sit ups, toe touch situps with weight, and the dreaded planks. Hey, I should be thankful he didnt make us do burpees but I'm betting Wed. will have some thrown in. David is a great trainer, funny, hard, but goofy-his cuteness factor helps ;)  I enjoy trainers that you can laugh WITH. Of course I've yet to meet a CG trainer that I didnt like.

I get home and my mom tells me I look way better than I do when I come back from a PM session. I'm sweating but I'm not that gross sun-sweat-stench that I usually have after an hour of high intensity cardio/strength in a dirt park under a glaring sun in 110 heat. I'm covered in a pure workout sweat. Believe it or not, thats way different than a sun-induced sweat. It took until around 9 am for the flush to leave my face, but the workout high is still here. I feel good. I feel empowered. I feel stronger. I feel....sore. Holy cow my legs hurt. We need an escalator in my office!

I check on my little sleeping beauty and she has moved to the very center of my queen size bed and is as spread out as she can possibly be, snoring and dreaming peacefully. I hop in the best shower ever and let the warm water wash my hard-earned sweat away. I down some more water, take my vitamin and CLA and leave for the day. This is the beginning of my fitness journey. Countdown to my birthday and 20 pounds lighter. My mission-to participate in Gladiator Games and not be dead last. To complete it. To master it. To put myself through the hardest physical endurance event I've had to do since I was in junior high running cross country (#3 girl out of 100 isnt too shabby). I'm ready-or will be in 2 months.

My name is Mary-and I'm a CONTENDER. Here we go Work.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Finally found my calling

I love fitness. I love eating healthy. I love knowing that staying fit and healthy are something that I can pass on to my daughter and share with the rest of the world. So I've started looking into teaching yoga, zumba, or some sort of group exercise classes. This will give me the opportunity to share 2 of my loves-fitness and teaching. And if I can teach Zumba then I can get part of my past dream in there too-teaching dance.

So my first goal is to lose weight and get 100% healthy. I've got a GREAT start with my eating and my fitness program. But I'm upping it starting Monday. I'll be *hopefully* going to Camp Gladiator 3x a week at 5:30 am. I'm also going to try to do 1x yoga, 1x dance, and maybe 1x other class like spin or a weight class. I actually enjoy working out. I love how I feel after i complete a workout. Exhausted and sweaty but the feeling of accomplishment I have afterwards is worth it. I even enjoy the sore feeling the next couple of days because it just reminds me of how I pushed myself. I've always enjoyed teaching and motivating other people. When I started college it was to be a dance teacher. I always wanted to direct a high school dance team. Now, teaching Zumba wouldnt be QUITE like that, but its a great thing to do-it would be fun for me and keep me in the shape I want to be in.

So my hope is that by my birthday (October) I'll have lost the majority of the weight I want to lose, and by the new year I'll be working towards some sort of training to teach a class-zumba or yoga most likely. I'm ready for next week to get here, ready to start sweating it out and getting on to being a new me!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Oh potty training....

how icky you can be. So my lil princess is 28 months and full on potty training thanks to school. So we are trying to at home too. I try to remember to ask her every 30 minutes. I put her on the potty as soon as we get home, before the bath, after the bath and try again right before bed. I also made her a potty chart and bought some super cute stickers. So Saturday I will hang her potty chart and set her stickers on the counter. i have a clock that you can wind and set for 30 minutes so everytime it dings we will go potty. After she pottys i will let her help wind up the next 30 minutes. So this will be our plan for this weekend and beyond. She's been doing ok at school. Generally 2 accidents a day. yesterday she had NONE. Today she had 2 before she finished breakfast!!!

Potty training is sadly the most glamorous aspect of my life right now. I sure do love being a mommy-I wouldnt trade it for anything at all. I will be super sad to know i wont ever use my super super cute cloth diapers anymore. I'll sure miss this fluffy bum