Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Day after & cinnamon!

So its the first day after my first workout after being off for 6 weeks. Its going to be hard to judge, since Ive got a virus right now and am as sick as a dog. sore throat, ear ache, body ache and a head full of cotton. Went to the doc and it isn't strep (thank goodness) but just a virus, I should feel better after rest, fluids, and Advil. I've got the fluids, popped some Advil, and laying on the sofa but unable to fall asleep. Boo. Besides the fact I need to pick up my lil princess in a few hours and don't want to be all groggy.

So my soreness started yesterday. Its continued into today. My shoulders and upper back feel the burn from the planks, and my thighs are pretty sore from the squats and running. My ankles are tight and a little sore. I'm needing to make sure I take it easy on my injured leg while working out, so I'm not doing full out running. I'm ready for my poor leg to be healed so that I CAN get back up full force.

I've been doing pretty good on my eating-mainly smoothies for dinner. My favorite one so far is a little vanilla soy milk, Peach Mango V8 Fusion, and vanilla protein powder. Tastes so yummy! I've cut down my sodas since Sunday and hope I can be weaned off of them by the end of next week. I've upped my water intake by ALOT. Of course being sick is going to throw it off some-I doubt I'll make it to CG in the morning, and I've got fat free raspberry sherbet, sugar free mousse-style pudding, and 2% cottage cheese. One recipe I've seen is for apples, cottage cheese and cinnamon, and I'm looking forward to trying that. did you know that cinnamon is a natural appetite suppressant? Its also an antioxidant and helps with insulin regulation and type 2 diabetes. Its also supposedly a help for toothaches, bad breath, and to help keep the common cold at bay. Learn more about the awesome powers of Cinnamon.

So here I lay on the sofa. Watching Law & Order SVU and surfing FB and BBC. Perhaps I'll try to rest now....

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