Monday, August 08, 2011

Here we go Work!

I'm warm and cozy in my bed, dreaming about something fabulous (like telling my ex what I REALLY think about his ridiculous drama, or something like that) with my little princess snuggled up against me (by snuggled I mean her feet were jammed in my rib cage and she had pushed me to the very edge of the bed). Then the familiar sounds of The Toadies Tyler start peeking in my dream. Damn it, its 5:10 am! I roll out of bed carefully as to not disturb the princess. I head to the bathroom and gear up-Adidas, black yoga pants, and my black Contender t-shirt. I feel like I'm putting on my armour. I immediately feel awake, alert, and energized. A simple black t-shirt with a quirky logo on red on the front, and the bold letters CONTENDER across the back are like an energy buzz that seeped into my skin. I'm ready. I fill up my water bottle and head down the 3 flights of stairs to my car.
Damn it, forgot my mat. Back up 3 flights of stairs, grab my mat, say good morning to my mom who is up to keep an ear out for my kid to wake up, and back DOWN 3 flights of stairs. Hell I just had my warm-up!

I pull up to Ranchview High School and see several cars, and already hear the AWOL Nation blaring out Sail underneath a black night sky full of stars, as my trainer is calling out warm ups to a group of about 30 Contenders. And although I'm working with a whole new group of people I dont know besides David the trainer, I feel HOME.

The feeling of the sweet night air, the sun still tucked away past the buildings and hills, and the familiar sounds of "high knees, plank, mountain climbers" make me feel alive, awake, and instantly ready to tackle it all. David takes us through a brutal 60 min strength workout. Its Endurance week. The 1st week. Always the hardest. Squat thrusters, push up rowes, jogs, sexy spiders (I hate these too) and an intense ab workout with Russian Twists, alternating sit ups, toe touch situps with weight, and the dreaded planks. Hey, I should be thankful he didnt make us do burpees but I'm betting Wed. will have some thrown in. David is a great trainer, funny, hard, but goofy-his cuteness factor helps ;)  I enjoy trainers that you can laugh WITH. Of course I've yet to meet a CG trainer that I didnt like.

I get home and my mom tells me I look way better than I do when I come back from a PM session. I'm sweating but I'm not that gross sun-sweat-stench that I usually have after an hour of high intensity cardio/strength in a dirt park under a glaring sun in 110 heat. I'm covered in a pure workout sweat. Believe it or not, thats way different than a sun-induced sweat. It took until around 9 am for the flush to leave my face, but the workout high is still here. I feel good. I feel empowered. I feel stronger. I feel....sore. Holy cow my legs hurt. We need an escalator in my office!

I check on my little sleeping beauty and she has moved to the very center of my queen size bed and is as spread out as she can possibly be, snoring and dreaming peacefully. I hop in the best shower ever and let the warm water wash my hard-earned sweat away. I down some more water, take my vitamin and CLA and leave for the day. This is the beginning of my fitness journey. Countdown to my birthday and 20 pounds lighter. My mission-to participate in Gladiator Games and not be dead last. To complete it. To master it. To put myself through the hardest physical endurance event I've had to do since I was in junior high running cross country (#3 girl out of 100 isnt too shabby). I'm ready-or will be in 2 months.

My name is Mary-and I'm a CONTENDER. Here we go Work.


  1. Congrats!! You will love the AM workouts even more as you get used to the time. It was hard for me at first but now, once I'm out of's all good!!

  2. CG sounds amazing!! I actually just heard about Gladiator Games for the first time earlier today... They look tough!