Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Oh potty training....

how icky you can be. So my lil princess is 28 months and full on potty training thanks to school. So we are trying to at home too. I try to remember to ask her every 30 minutes. I put her on the potty as soon as we get home, before the bath, after the bath and try again right before bed. I also made her a potty chart and bought some super cute stickers. So Saturday I will hang her potty chart and set her stickers on the counter. i have a clock that you can wind and set for 30 minutes so everytime it dings we will go potty. After she pottys i will let her help wind up the next 30 minutes. So this will be our plan for this weekend and beyond. She's been doing ok at school. Generally 2 accidents a day. yesterday she had NONE. Today she had 2 before she finished breakfast!!!

Potty training is sadly the most glamorous aspect of my life right now. I sure do love being a mommy-I wouldnt trade it for anything at all. I will be super sad to know i wont ever use my super super cute cloth diapers anymore. I'll sure miss this fluffy bum

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