Saturday, September 17, 2011

Going Full Tilt

So the new round of Camp Gladiator started this past Monday. I'm now going FIVE days a week. yep. FIVE. Everyday. At 5:30 am. A year ago I would have thought I was crazy. But now, I look forward to my workouts. I actually enjoy the full 60 mins of sweat, competition, commradarie, and encouragement I get. With the exception of the few hours I spend with Princess M, that hour is the BEST hour of my day. It wakes me up, energizes me, makes me feel great (although sore more often than not) and just transforms my days. I feel better about life in general. I have a much more positive outlook on my day. It encourages me to make better fueling choices during the day. I spent an hour busting my ass into shape, I shouldn't negate it all by eating chicken nuggets, or french fries or any of the other junk I used to eat. I'm making better choices (salads, light wraps etc.) and watching my portions much better. I'm also drinking nothing but water all day at work. I've gone several days stretches without having a sweet tea or Dr. Pepper. I havent cut them out completely (yet) but I am atleast going for much longer periods of time without having one, and if I do, I usually cut down on the amount. Just enough to give me the taste and then be done. I've noticed the changes in my workouts. I'm less windy after the "run to the second light pole and back" although now I'm walking to help out my leg. We did 1 arm planks on Friday and I actually held them the whole time. I can *almost* hold a regular plank the full amount of time. I'm getting more flexible, thankfully David likes to do stretches at the end of our workouts plus I do stretches at night. I feel my confidence coming back when I'm in normal clothes, I've even started wearing my heels to work again. I'd stopped b/c I wasnt feeling 'cute' anymore so no need for the cute heels, but I'm back in them, and now that I've toned up some it actually feels like they hurt less on the balls of my feet than before. That was pretty random, yes I know.

Basically my whole outlook and the way I feel has changed. I feel more positive, I'm spending more time encouraging those around me to be healthy. I'm researching healthy tips for myself, I'm pushing myself farther than I thought I could. I'm exploring more options. I'm enjoying life with the Princess even more. Occasionally I feel down because I'm still single. It seems I'm the ONLY single gal left in the world sometimes. But I know if God means for me to be with a great man He will give him to me....someday. I fully believe you have to make YOURSELF happy before you can make your partner happy, and I'm still working on that part for myself. I feel I've finally arrived there, but happiness is a journey, not a destination. Once you get happy, you have to keep it and by filling my life with friends, laughter, family, and something I love to do (fitness) I AM happy. There are more changes to make-I'd like to start going to church again, I need to finish making big changes on the house (some furniture peices to be bought eventually) and some others, but I'm working on them step by step

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