Friday, December 21, 2012


Today is the day the world is (supposed) to end. Thanks for all the drama Mayans. Its now 12:30 pm on Friday and everyone is alive and kicking. Not that I believed ANY of that but its nice to seeit didnt happen.

So its already December 2012. Good grief where did this year go? Christmas is just a few days away. I'm pretty much done except for gifts for 2 people, and I have NO clue what I'm getting either of them. Princess's Christmas is done and almost all of it is wrapped. I've realized I can no longer go to the stores because I keep finding stuff to get her. I need to STOP IT. But I think she will have a wonderful Christmas. This is the first year she seems to really GET the whole Santa thing. We've talked about him, she got to see him at school, and she knows there is a naughty list. We are stuck on Rudolph right now. I bought her the Rudolph old school videoj (with Hermy and Claire and the Abominable Snowman) as well as the book and a stuffed Rudolph. And she is constantly singing the song. I'm basically over every Christmas song by now. We have the whole family coming to MY house and I'm super excited, but stressing cause it will be a lot of people, but still looking forward to it. Maybe mainly because I dont have to leave the house! But I'm looking forward to it. It appears he dad is even going to participate this year, as he has already bought her a gift! I'm shocked, but so happy. Especially since he got her something I know she is going to love.

I guess I need to start thinking about my New Years Resolutions.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sparkle Jar

So anyone who has a tiny terror knows that those tiny terrors can throw some serious tantrums. My little princess is no different. She is stubborn and strong willed (no clue where she got that from) and when she is in full tantrum mood, Lord help those who live below me or next door. So I found this nifty idea on Pinterest and figured it couldn't hurt to try this Calm Jar/Time Out Jar/Glitter Jar whatever you want to call it. I call mine Sparkles, so when she is about to fit, I can have her look at sparkles. Because she IS a super girly girl and so my child that she loves anything and everything shiny/sparkly/glittery. So I figured I'd blog about it for those not on Pinterest....It took literally 2 minutes to execute and was a quick fun project for us to do!

  • 1 glass jar with a lid (I used an old Ragu jar, but a mason jar or plastic soda bottle will work too. Just make sure it has a TIGHT lid!)
  • 1 container of glitter - any color (I bought a jar at WalMart for like $2.)
  • 1 container of clear glue (you can also use glitter clue, but I just went for the cheap Elmers clear)
  • Food Coloring - any color (I let Princess pick and she of course picked pink)
  • Hot Water
  • Supplies (and a tiny princess hand)

    My helper after the water went in
    Adding the food coloring
    Watch how much color you put in!!


    So the amounts will depend on your jar. My jar was about 2.5 cups so I needed 2 cups of hot water, 2 tbls of clear glue and about 5 drops of food coloring.

I poured about an inch of pink glitter in the jar, added 2 cups of HOT water (i just did it from the tap but you can microwave or use a hot cup from your coffee maker), 2 tbls (1 per cup of hot water) of clear glue and then used a fork to stir it all around to mix in the glue. After it was mixed I let Princess put in the food coloring, however I wasn't thinking and let her put in too much, so its a little dark! I AM happy to report that since we made this 4 days ago, we have yet to actually NEED it!!

Swirling around!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dancing Days

So I'm watching Burlesque for the first time ever. I've always loved to dance. When I was younger I used to turn up the radio and dance around the living room when my mom wasnt home and pretend that I was in a club like that (well sort of) I'd sing and dance and pretend I had back up singers and dancers. Crazy I know. I swear if my mom ever caught me she would think I was o ncrack while she was gone. I loved dancing to TLC and Aaliya, I would sing to Sarah McLachlan. I would imagine in my head scenes similiar to what I'm watching now-up on stage, people cheering and getting goosebumps from the sound of m voice and the great amazing moves that I choregraphed. My dream when I was younger was that I wanted to choreograph dances for clubs, for videos, for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I loved making up dances in my head. Correction-LOVE. Not past tense. I still do it. Driving the road and a new song comes on and I am making up the dance in my head. Its why I got my Zumba instructor license, because I could have the chance to actually choreograph dances for real. Except of course the moves have to be simple and easy for non-dancers to do.

I love dance just in general. Ballet, the basic of dance. I never DID ballet, but real dance moves are all based on ballet. I was on drill team, I took dance classes. I was in choir too. But I'm not a great singer, in fact I wont let anyone listen to me now except Molly. But when I'm singing with her in the car i will BELT IT OUT. I love Christina Augilars voice, and Kelly Clarkson. And Sarah McLachlan. And really anything thats deep and BIG like that. So my daydreams would be filled with me singing "Building a Mystery" on a stage in a dark club, or being a Pussycat Doll dancing on stage. Or hell even one of the dancers on Coyote Ugly. Cheezy huh? Yeah I know. I dont care. Anything for attention, for people to think "wow look at how amazing she dances or how great she sings" I MISS dancing. Watching this movie is making me miss it even more.

When you are on stage dancing you get to become someone else. Someone sweet, someone mysterious, someone fiery, someone sexy. Depends on the way you move, the song you use, the costume, the tone of your dance. You can become someone else for 2 minutes. You take the song and tell a story with your body, your face, you movements. It can be a sad emotional story, it can be a happy story, it can be love story or a story of desire. Same thing with music. I've always loved music. How a song can put your emotions into words. I've never been great at expressing my emotions. And the last few years I've only been able to express my anger not always effectively. I swear I wish i could walk around with a soundtrack of my life playing all the time. A song can bring me to tears, make me smile, or bring back a memory so vivid that I can smell the smells, hear the sounds, and feel every emotion I felt the first time.

I've basically just been rambling while I'm watching the movie. Wishing I'd been able to follow my dream of being involved somehow in the dancing world. That I was choreographing for the DCC (which I think about everytime I watch the show) or designing the next hot stars hot video. Or having my own dance studio.

So now my passion for dance will hopefully transfer to Princess, and I hope she enjoys dance.

I feel like I have much more to write but I'm being sucked into this movie, so perhaps I'll be back to add more, but more than likely when this movie is over I will begin dreaming about being a club singing and dancing again....much like the dreams I had as a teenager.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I cant believe September is finally here. I swear I could just copy my Fall post from last year and paste it and I doubt much will have changed. I love fall. I love the smells: apples & cinnamon, the crisp smell of hay and fall leaves. I love the tastes-pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice lattes, apple cobblers, ciders, butternut squash soups, anything from the crock pot-pot roast always seems 'fallish' as does chicken and dumplings. I love the changing of the colors-the reds and browns and golds. The way the leaves change colors, the way the sky looks during the sunset. I love the way it feels-festive, cool brisk weather, snuggling up (not that I have anyone) under a blanket at a FOOTBALL game (Hook em!!), the State Fair of Texas-one of my all-time favorite things to do EVER. the sense of spirit for Thanksgiving and Halloween and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner. I love the CLOTHES. Leggings, warm cuddly sweaters, and of course the boots. God how I LOVE my boots. I'm so excited for that first cool day that I can wear them. Ok ok ok-I dont have much excitement in my life, so YES I'm excited to break out my boots.

Anyway....I can't believe fall is coming. On September first this year I busted out the mini-crock pot and made Princess her favorite dish, little smokies. I cranked up the college football on the TV and enjoyed an end-of-summer beer, Breckenridge Summerbright, and broke out my first Apple Spice fragrance warmer. It was a fabulous day. Of course it was still 100 degrees, so I'm annoyed by THAT part, but other than that I had the fall favorites. Except my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. The one thing that I 'splurge' on. Mmmmm that sounds tasty right now. Tempted to text the baby-daddy and ask him to bring me one tomorrow.

Ah I love you and everything you make me feel.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Please stop telling me....

That “he’s out there. You’ll find the right guy. You just have to give it time”. There comes a point where you have to realize-its not them. Its ME. I feel like the last single woman on the planet. All around me are these happy couples-married, engaged, committed. And then….there’s me. Hi there! I’m just over here like “Hey look I have 12 cats aren’t they cute? Look at what I knitted today-it’s a 100 foot scarf”. Yeah, I see my life turning out like that in about 15 years (after Princess has found her ‘own’ life as a teen). So I’m chatting with my “twin” as I do to sort out some of my annoying emotions and the more I chat with her about this particular frustration and loneliness I begin to realize something. All around me are these friends, both male and female, who meet someone, go out a couple of times, and are suddenly very happy, in love, and no problem displaying their affection for the other. Then there is me. I find the men who are closed off, sarcastic, and have been so wounded and quite frankly fucked up by a previous lover that they are unable or unwilling to fully commit or even have an open (as opposed to a secretive) relationship with me. Or anyone so they have claimed.
But really….how do I seem to find these particular men? I don’t seek them out-in all honesty the 4 I’m thinking of in the last few years have sought ME out. Claimed I was a wonderful person (which duh, I AM).  In private we laugh, we are comfortable with each other, we enjoy each other’s company. But to his friends, I’m no one. A friend, an acquaintance, a coworker-whatever it may be. But behind closed doors I’m his best friend, his partner. I’m there to listen to secrets or to laugh at jokes. I’m there to comfort him during a hard time or encourage him for something he wants to accomplish. And when I need the same in return I’m afraid to ask for it as I’m worried that it will push him away or that I’m overstepping my boundaries because I’m not a ‘girlfriend’. So I stay aloof. I stay slightly sarcastic. I pretend I don’t need anything and that’s what I ultimately get from him. Its probably been 10 years since I was a true girlfriend. And *I* messed that one up by pushing him away for one of these guys Im speaking of here. One of the exciting, secret, new relationships. That guy, I’ll call him “M” was amazing to me. He loved me so plainly and clearly. He was good to me. And I left. Because clearly I’m a masochist who needs to find a man who will constantly break my spirit and my heart. Because that’s all I’ve had the last 10 years. So why should I even try anymore? Whats the point? I make the decision to just be single and accept it but why wont this bitterness go away? There is nothing wrong with being single. I’ve been alone for 3 years, done the hardest thing absolutely possible and had a child alone without the emotional support of a man, so if I made it through THAT then I can make it through the rest of my life alone. No biggie.

I don’t need a man who is going to be at my side 24/7. Who will constantly call me to ‘check in’ or tell me where he is/what he’s doing/where he’s going. I’m not THAT girl. I don’t need a GPS on your daily life. I just need someone who will accept me for me, who finds my twisted sense of humor and sarcasm amusing, who will listen when I need an ear, give me a hug when I feel overwhelmed, let me alone when I need my quiet time and space (yeah, some girls do actually want some space). I’m not complicated. I’m not clingy. I don’t expect your life to stop for mine. I need you to not be afraid to say I mean something to you to the world. I want you to lay on the couch and watch tv with me (but don’t talk when its something good, please know when to be quiet). I need you to give me my space to be a mother and remember that I’m NOT looking for a ‘baby daddy’ for my Princess. I need you to quietly support me when I’m trying to study for a test. I need you to send me a good night text because I don’t need you in my bed every single night, but I need to know you miss me. I’m still an independent woman. I need to call you when I’m scared and have you offer to come save me, but know that I CAN save myself, unless I set my oven on fire again, in which case I need you to NOT laugh at me and come over and save me. Maybe. Depends on how big the fire gets.  I need you to be a part of my world-very special and important, but not my whole world. But maybe because I’m NOT the clingy-demanding-tellmeeverythingyouhadtoeatanddrinkandwhodidyoutalkto kind of girl, maybe that’s why I’m alone? And if that’s the case then thank God I AM alone! I can’t be THAT girl. Oh no.

Excuse me, but my cats need some Meow Mix and I must run to Joanns for some more yarn…..Happy Thursday friends!

Oh….and please, no ‘he’s really out there!’ comments. Tell me the truth. That only the selfish, rude, and fucked up ones are the ones left in the world and I’m better off alone.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oops, been a little lax on the updating of the blog-sorry friends!! Its been a craaaazzzzzy couple of months. We got moved in July and I super-duper love my cozy lovely happy little home. The Princess is finally starting to act like the precious little angel I know she really is, and we are getting into our routine. SCORE.

I'm also working on getting back into S.C.H.O.O.L. Yep. Decided to jump back in the small pond and try to get an associates at a community college (cc) Ive been accepted to one, and after debating on what to do what to do what to do I finally decided to purse my AAS. Associates in Applied Science. I'm going for something computer related-not exactly sure which exactly-Network Administration, Web Design, programming, etc. but I know that technology is a growing field, we are always getting something new and shiny at work, and why not put my love of internet surfing, people stalking, game playing, obsession of the WWW to a usefull skill? Well why not....I'm going to talk to an advisor sometime this week and set my class schedule. I got financial aid (hey a perk of single-mommyhood) and its a CC so its not like its THAT expensive.

I know its going to suck. Its going to be hard. But really....what else do I have to do after princess goes to bed? Its not like I *actually* sleep anymore. My body hasnt had more than 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep in like 4 years so why start catching up now that princess thinks sleeping in her OWN bed all night is the best thing in the world? She really does-its so cute, when i go wake her for school the first words out of her mouth before her eyes are even open are "i sleep in my own bed aaaall night" God i love this child.

So there we go. Thats my life. Work/live/school. Fun times huh?

From our trip to the Aquarium

Next blog will be later this week about my actual physical ache I have for Fall to bring its stubborn ass on to my life.

Monday, April 30, 2012

National Honesty Day

So apparently today is National Honesty Day...I have a few honest things to get out. I've been thinking the last few days about my past, my future, Princess and her future. What kind of person I want her to be. I have to set the example for her. I always thought (arrogantly I might add) that I was soooo strong. I'm this tough single mom, doing it all by myself. I actually hate to ask for help which is why I never get a sitter and I used to never ask my mom to babysit so I could go anywhere. She is MY daughter so she is MY responsibility. I have no right to go out and have a life of my own. i chose to be a single mom and now I have to accept the responsibility and give up my life....there is a reason for that paragraph I just wrote and I'll get back to it.

I used to be described as sweet, quiet, I never complained, I never said no, I cared too much about what everyone else thought so I wanted nothing more than to be the 'perfect' girlfriend, the 'best' friend, or the most valuable employee. I never spoke up, I never complained, I never bitched. Now I feel like I've gone to the complete opposite side of the spectrum. I'm whiney, I'm bitchy, I'm always negative. I can blame it on things like stress from never sleeping (Princess is NOT a good sleeper and never has been) or stress from being a single mom. But honestly....I dont know what it is. I really don't. I was thinking about some past relationships. I've dated some guys who really treated me like crap because I wouldn't ever speak up for myself. I allowed them to continue to neglect me or 'hide' me. Of course the downfall of dating guys you work with that are either above or under you on the totem pole is needing to be discreet. But it comes down to feeling like they were embarrassed of me. And a man who truly cares about you should be proud to hold your hand in public, give you a hug, talk about you to his friends. As my very wise friend said "Don't make someone a priority who only makes you an option'.  J was like that-I was his option. And he was my priority. My world. So frustrating. Even when we no longer worked together and were on the same level at work he still acted like he didn't want anyone to know. Of course now I know he was just a flat out asshole. I also realized that the last couple of relationships I was in I was so sarcastic and just flat out bitchy. Always suspicious of a kind remark, or bitchy when someone didn't answer me immediately (he shouldn't have a life outside of me duh) I used to tell J that I was 'a perfect girlfriend' when I was so sullen and clingy and temperamental. I have this horrible temper and I just don't know where it suddenly came from. But I still care too much about what OTHER people think than what I really want or feel.

I'm not strong. I'm mean. I have become so hard, so easily angered by annoying people. The littlest things will make me so mad at work, and its sort of ridiculous. I miss my happiness. I miss waking up looking forward to the day. The best parts of my day are when Princess wakes up with her big smiles and giggles and when i pick her up in the afternoon. But I know that she and I need more in our lives. We need happiness and fun and excitement. And I'm going to find it. I'm going to find the old happy me. Let the sarcasm and snarkiness go. I've been spending time with some new friends lately and its really been helping me feel better, I think I may be finally breaking out of the rut and finding the old me again. While i admit I really hate being single, I always have believed you can't make someone else happy until you make yourself happy. so thats what we are doing. me and the princess. Moving forward with laughter, happiness, and fun.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello Spring! Hello Crazy!

Ah spring...the great weather, the cute new clothes, wearing cute strappy high heels and sandals. I love spring. The fresh smells and the RANGERS playing (i'm actually watching them play the Yankees right now)! This spring has been pretty great so far. I've spent some fun times with some new/old friends. Hanging in the country getting to know some coworkers better and making some good friendships.

Taking Princess to the park and the zoo. She is becoming such a big big girl! She can count to 20 in spanish, say the pledge of alliegance and says her prayers every night (and snacks for all the kids!). She is becoming this amazingly smart little girl and all her 'babyness' is leaving. God it makes me sad. Raising her has been the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. The lack of sleep, the stress of making all the decisions, the lonliness. Feeling like I will now NEVER find a man because really, what guy wants to date a woman with a kid? There are so many aspects of my life that are so frustrating and feel out of control, but when I listen to Princess sing Stronger or how proud she is after she counts to 20 (yeah in spanish) or when she sits on the floor playing with her My Little Ponies so happy and enthusiastic I don't think about those things. Especially when she says "I love you momma". Every bit of stress and sleepless night is worth it.

Spring also brings about (back to the original topic of my post) my usual time to apartment hunt. I'm really REALLY sick of moving. SO OVER IT. But there are aspects of this apartment that I just cant deal with anymore (no parking, and 3 flights of stairs and the NOISY traffic from the highway. The Taco Bueno drive thru echoing in my bedroom sucks too) So its time to move. I've seriously been considering moving back to my hometown where I grew up and where my BFFs family lives. it would be so great to just be 'home'. That is still a debat right now because of the drive. Still not sure I'm ready for an hour drive to/from work every single day. Another fabulous thing about the spring is being able to workout in great weather and the kick it gives you for getting in shape. I've been injured, hurt back and shoulder so i've had to lay off the Camp Gladiator but I miss it like craaaaaazy. I miss my CG peeps and the amazing feeling I have after a really hard core workout. I've got my Zumba license now and am hoping after I get moved I can find a place to teach a class. I havent been since right after I got my license and I'm itching to go back. Being injured SUCKS. Like majorly. I love to dance and move and I hate missing the workouts. I did download an awesome app for running and I'm going to TRY to get into running. I actually made it a full mile on Saturday and ran for almost all of it and didnt die. GO ME. of course i havent been back (wow what a freaking slacker!) but I will be going to run tomorrow and WILL be back at Zumba on Thursday. I've also been on track with my supplements and almost back to healthy full time eating. I still need to rework my diet some and am trying hard to get more fruits and veggies in and cut the nasty crap. I've been doing pretty good. I'm determined THIS will be my bikini year. i know it. And with Zumba and CAMP GLADIATOR I will be there.

So happy spring my friends

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess!

I can't believe I'm writing 'baby' is no longer a baby. She is a kid. A little girl. A preschooler. *sigh* I feel so old. However, I also feel pretty proud. I've been a single mom for 3 years now. Its been stressful, upsetting, difficult, amazing. I've cried, stressed, laughed, and did things I didnt know I could possibly do. I managed to grow this little thing from a teeny tiny helpless thing to a beautiful, stubborn, intellegient, funny, sweet little girl. She hates to hear someone else cry, she loves to look at babies, she loves to sleep curled up against my back, she wakes up at 7 am even on the weekends, she loves to sing in the car-Kelly Clarkson specifically. She goes through a gallon of milk in about 5 days. She loves her teacher Ms. Erma and her friends Hayden and Victoria

Favorite show-Bubble Guppies
Favorite song-Stronger
Favorite animal-Penguins and kangaroo
Best Friend-Victoria
Favorite toy-Baby Bennett her Cabbage Patch Kid
Favorite Food-String Cheese
Birthday Princess!

I'll admit I'm celebrating a bit for myself too. Being a single mom is something I NEVER expected to do. Occasionally I get so sad when I see dads at doctor appointments or photo sessions, or easter egg hunts. I feel like Princess is being jipped because she only has me-she may be a little more spoiled than she should be, but I'm able to do it so why not!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So yesterday I went for my Zumba Instructor License training. SO INTENSE. About 200 people-men and women. All ages from some young 18 year olds to men and women easily over 40. A few had never even taken a zumba class before. Some were skinny and fit, some were larger and overweight. It was definitly a mix of people.
The instructor, Julie Kelly, was AMAZING. Iam guessing she was older-like over 40-but she had the most incredible 6 pack I've EVER seen on a woman!!! And the most toned cut arms. She was very insprining. She had a helper, Vanessa, with her who was the most amazingly energetic, sexy, funny dancer I've ever seen. She could MOVE.
So we started off with a master class-5 amazing fast heavy movement songs. Then we did some lecture time-they taught us how to create playlists, how to break down moves, and how to choregraph. They also taught us 4 basic songs to use-Salsa, Cumbia, Reaggaton, and Merengue.

It was an amazing experience. I made it through 7 hours of dancing, I made a couple of contacts for a potential job. I got some great exercise, and burned probably 1,000+ calories and had a REALLY great time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its ME! Wait....

A NEW ME!!!! So I've been working on Camp Gladiator for 10 months now. I've lost pounds and inches, and build up some stamina and strength. I've also built up some energy. I've sort of slacked the last 3 months though. Holidays and busy time at work. And of course this time around I'm having a harder time getting my schedule back on track for 5 am but I'm determined to get back on track. I'm doing 5x a week of CG plus 2 (possibly 3) days of Zumba. I've also decided to get my Zumba Instructor License, so after 3 pm on Friday I will be able to start TEACHING zumba!!! I'm just excited that I'm FINALLY reaching a goal I gave myself.

So the fitness part is coming along nicely. To add to it, I'm about to do an Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse to really kick start my body on the road to energy and health!!!

I've been updating my makeup collection to make sure my skin is being well taken care of. Cleanse, tone, moisturize are key. I found an amazing new foundation, Cover Girl Tone Rehab. Its incredible. I've noticed a difference literally in 3 days. My skin feels soft, and I dont have the 'blotchy' look caused by uneven skin tone. Its a little pricey, but so worth it. I've also found some great eye make up applications on Pinterest (follow me!!!) along with this incredible mascara Maybelline Falsies  . I'm really trying to focus on the sexy eyes, flawless skin, and pouty kissable-looking mouth (e.l.f. mint gloss helps this!). I finally got my hair cut in a very cute easy to manage style and FINALLY after 4 years got my highlights back!!! Its not very blonde, but I have another appointment next month to go a little bit lighter. I started tanning again also. Not for long, just enough to get some color back and not be completely see-through anymore!

So I started talking to a guy back in December. First guy I've been interested in for over a year. It was so nice to have a guy show real interest-a real 'southern gentleman' in my opinion. It kind of kicked that 'oh yeah-I used to be a pretty confident sexy gal back in the day-where did SHE go?' Well, she is BACK. Getting S.E.X.Y, healthy, fit. And ready to get back to living and enjoying my life. It was hard when Princess was first born. I was so tired, stressed, miserable. Then Jackass and I got back together and instead of helping me he just made me feel even worse about myself. Once he was out of my life I had so much other drama hit me-the car issues, the break-in, the horrible apartment, and everything else that I just stopped caring about anything other than Princess being clean, fed, clothed and happy.

 So finally I feel like I've found ME.

The former GODDESS.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kara's Party Ideas: Subscribe Via Feedburner

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Birthday planning!

Can't believe the little princess is about to be THREE years old! I'm heavy into idea mode for the party. We are having it outdoors at a park, and I'm doing a CIRCUS theme!! I figure this is the last year *I* get to decide the theme, so I get to do something fun and creative. So circus it is! I've found some great ideas at this mommys blog so I'm excited to get started, some of my ideas so far are
  • face painting
  • games like ring toss
  • a candy buffet
  • cotton candy, taffy, circus peanuts and popcorn
 I mean, what more could a kid want!!

I'm also super excited that some people I havent seen in a very long while while be coming! Some of my 'old family' will be there, and I'm really looking foward to reconnecting with them. Its weird to remember that I had this life years and years ago. A whole other family that I spent basically 24/7 with. Then suddenly it was all gone. And a weird horrible loss brought them all back to me again. And when I say 'all' I mean alot. Its a big clan. But its nice to know that they are there now. Closer than you think. Ah the wonders of facebook. It can be the best thing in the world, or the worst thing in the world. Depending on who you find, who finds you, who you have to block or who blocks you-although sometimes it also provides some serious amusement when you find out who has blocked you and for what ridiculous reasons. I have had enough of the creeper guys stalking me though. Thats enough of that....but I think I'll save this for a whoooole 'nother post!!

Happy Monday my friends!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Spring Fever...

Wow its been awhile since I posted. Sorry! Things have been chaotic. The princess is almost 3 and has been boardering that 'terrible 2s' stage-not too bad but she is definitley an independant (and bossy) child! Plus with the holidays and the new boy I've started talking to things have been insane!!

This Texas weather is killing me. I love these sunny 72 degree days but its giving me spring fever like CRAZY. I'm ready for sun dresses, wedge sandals, sunshine, the beautiful colors and the smells of spring. Hurry and get here! I'm also ready for it to not be so freakin COLD for my morning workouts!! I have been slacking on my workouts and its killing me. I'd been doing so well, even fit into a pair of jeans I havent worn in almost 4 years. I miss my CG peeps and I really miss the feeling I have after I finish a great workout. I'm ready for the weather to warm up just a touch and get my sexy CG back on!

So again, sorry for the delay in posts, I'll try to get back on it this weekend. I've got a lovely outline for how it feels to be the mother of a very bright almost 3 year old. Man I feel old.....