Saturday, February 25, 2012


So yesterday I went for my Zumba Instructor License training. SO INTENSE. About 200 people-men and women. All ages from some young 18 year olds to men and women easily over 40. A few had never even taken a zumba class before. Some were skinny and fit, some were larger and overweight. It was definitly a mix of people.
The instructor, Julie Kelly, was AMAZING. Iam guessing she was older-like over 40-but she had the most incredible 6 pack I've EVER seen on a woman!!! And the most toned cut arms. She was very insprining. She had a helper, Vanessa, with her who was the most amazingly energetic, sexy, funny dancer I've ever seen. She could MOVE.
So we started off with a master class-5 amazing fast heavy movement songs. Then we did some lecture time-they taught us how to create playlists, how to break down moves, and how to choregraph. They also taught us 4 basic songs to use-Salsa, Cumbia, Reaggaton, and Merengue.

It was an amazing experience. I made it through 7 hours of dancing, I made a couple of contacts for a potential job. I got some great exercise, and burned probably 1,000+ calories and had a REALLY great time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its ME! Wait....

A NEW ME!!!! So I've been working on Camp Gladiator for 10 months now. I've lost pounds and inches, and build up some stamina and strength. I've also built up some energy. I've sort of slacked the last 3 months though. Holidays and busy time at work. And of course this time around I'm having a harder time getting my schedule back on track for 5 am but I'm determined to get back on track. I'm doing 5x a week of CG plus 2 (possibly 3) days of Zumba. I've also decided to get my Zumba Instructor License, so after 3 pm on Friday I will be able to start TEACHING zumba!!! I'm just excited that I'm FINALLY reaching a goal I gave myself.

So the fitness part is coming along nicely. To add to it, I'm about to do an Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse to really kick start my body on the road to energy and health!!!

I've been updating my makeup collection to make sure my skin is being well taken care of. Cleanse, tone, moisturize are key. I found an amazing new foundation, Cover Girl Tone Rehab. Its incredible. I've noticed a difference literally in 3 days. My skin feels soft, and I dont have the 'blotchy' look caused by uneven skin tone. Its a little pricey, but so worth it. I've also found some great eye make up applications on Pinterest (follow me!!!) along with this incredible mascara Maybelline Falsies  . I'm really trying to focus on the sexy eyes, flawless skin, and pouty kissable-looking mouth (e.l.f. mint gloss helps this!). I finally got my hair cut in a very cute easy to manage style and FINALLY after 4 years got my highlights back!!! Its not very blonde, but I have another appointment next month to go a little bit lighter. I started tanning again also. Not for long, just enough to get some color back and not be completely see-through anymore!

So I started talking to a guy back in December. First guy I've been interested in for over a year. It was so nice to have a guy show real interest-a real 'southern gentleman' in my opinion. It kind of kicked that 'oh yeah-I used to be a pretty confident sexy gal back in the day-where did SHE go?' Well, she is BACK. Getting S.E.X.Y, healthy, fit. And ready to get back to living and enjoying my life. It was hard when Princess was first born. I was so tired, stressed, miserable. Then Jackass and I got back together and instead of helping me he just made me feel even worse about myself. Once he was out of my life I had so much other drama hit me-the car issues, the break-in, the horrible apartment, and everything else that I just stopped caring about anything other than Princess being clean, fed, clothed and happy.

 So finally I feel like I've found ME.

The former GODDESS.

Monday, February 20, 2012

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Birthday planning!

Can't believe the little princess is about to be THREE years old! I'm heavy into idea mode for the party. We are having it outdoors at a park, and I'm doing a CIRCUS theme!! I figure this is the last year *I* get to decide the theme, so I get to do something fun and creative. So circus it is! I've found some great ideas at this mommys blog so I'm excited to get started, some of my ideas so far are
  • face painting
  • games like ring toss
  • a candy buffet
  • cotton candy, taffy, circus peanuts and popcorn
 I mean, what more could a kid want!!

I'm also super excited that some people I havent seen in a very long while while be coming! Some of my 'old family' will be there, and I'm really looking foward to reconnecting with them. Its weird to remember that I had this life years and years ago. A whole other family that I spent basically 24/7 with. Then suddenly it was all gone. And a weird horrible loss brought them all back to me again. And when I say 'all' I mean alot. Its a big clan. But its nice to know that they are there now. Closer than you think. Ah the wonders of facebook. It can be the best thing in the world, or the worst thing in the world. Depending on who you find, who finds you, who you have to block or who blocks you-although sometimes it also provides some serious amusement when you find out who has blocked you and for what ridiculous reasons. I have had enough of the creeper guys stalking me though. Thats enough of that....but I think I'll save this for a whoooole 'nother post!!

Happy Monday my friends!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Spring Fever...

Wow its been awhile since I posted. Sorry! Things have been chaotic. The princess is almost 3 and has been boardering that 'terrible 2s' stage-not too bad but she is definitley an independant (and bossy) child! Plus with the holidays and the new boy I've started talking to things have been insane!!

This Texas weather is killing me. I love these sunny 72 degree days but its giving me spring fever like CRAZY. I'm ready for sun dresses, wedge sandals, sunshine, the beautiful colors and the smells of spring. Hurry and get here! I'm also ready for it to not be so freakin COLD for my morning workouts!! I have been slacking on my workouts and its killing me. I'd been doing so well, even fit into a pair of jeans I havent worn in almost 4 years. I miss my CG peeps and I really miss the feeling I have after I finish a great workout. I'm ready for the weather to warm up just a touch and get my sexy CG back on!

So again, sorry for the delay in posts, I'll try to get back on it this weekend. I've got a lovely outline for how it feels to be the mother of a very bright almost 3 year old. Man I feel old.....