Friday, February 03, 2012

Spring Fever...

Wow its been awhile since I posted. Sorry! Things have been chaotic. The princess is almost 3 and has been boardering that 'terrible 2s' stage-not too bad but she is definitley an independant (and bossy) child! Plus with the holidays and the new boy I've started talking to things have been insane!!

This Texas weather is killing me. I love these sunny 72 degree days but its giving me spring fever like CRAZY. I'm ready for sun dresses, wedge sandals, sunshine, the beautiful colors and the smells of spring. Hurry and get here! I'm also ready for it to not be so freakin COLD for my morning workouts!! I have been slacking on my workouts and its killing me. I'd been doing so well, even fit into a pair of jeans I havent worn in almost 4 years. I miss my CG peeps and I really miss the feeling I have after I finish a great workout. I'm ready for the weather to warm up just a touch and get my sexy CG back on!

So again, sorry for the delay in posts, I'll try to get back on it this weekend. I've got a lovely outline for how it feels to be the mother of a very bright almost 3 year old. Man I feel old.....

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