Saturday, February 25, 2012


So yesterday I went for my Zumba Instructor License training. SO INTENSE. About 200 people-men and women. All ages from some young 18 year olds to men and women easily over 40. A few had never even taken a zumba class before. Some were skinny and fit, some were larger and overweight. It was definitly a mix of people.
The instructor, Julie Kelly, was AMAZING. Iam guessing she was older-like over 40-but she had the most incredible 6 pack I've EVER seen on a woman!!! And the most toned cut arms. She was very insprining. She had a helper, Vanessa, with her who was the most amazingly energetic, sexy, funny dancer I've ever seen. She could MOVE.
So we started off with a master class-5 amazing fast heavy movement songs. Then we did some lecture time-they taught us how to create playlists, how to break down moves, and how to choregraph. They also taught us 4 basic songs to use-Salsa, Cumbia, Reaggaton, and Merengue.

It was an amazing experience. I made it through 7 hours of dancing, I made a couple of contacts for a potential job. I got some great exercise, and burned probably 1,000+ calories and had a REALLY great time.


  1. You'll have to tell me when you teach a class. I'd look like an idiot doing it but I don't care if I look like an idiot in front of you. ha!

  2. well everyone pretty much looks a little dorky the first few times, thats part of the fun of Zumba!!!! I'm hoping to start teaching somewhere around the middle of march, gotta get through Princess's party first!!! If I can find a space to use I'm def going to have a 'free trial class' so all my non-zumba friends can come get the party experience!!!