Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess!

I can't believe I'm writing 'baby' is no longer a baby. She is a kid. A little girl. A preschooler. *sigh* I feel so old. However, I also feel pretty proud. I've been a single mom for 3 years now. Its been stressful, upsetting, difficult, amazing. I've cried, stressed, laughed, and did things I didnt know I could possibly do. I managed to grow this little thing from a teeny tiny helpless thing to a beautiful, stubborn, intellegient, funny, sweet little girl. She hates to hear someone else cry, she loves to look at babies, she loves to sleep curled up against my back, she wakes up at 7 am even on the weekends, she loves to sing in the car-Kelly Clarkson specifically. She goes through a gallon of milk in about 5 days. She loves her teacher Ms. Erma and her friends Hayden and Victoria

Favorite show-Bubble Guppies
Favorite song-Stronger
Favorite animal-Penguins and kangaroo
Best Friend-Victoria
Favorite toy-Baby Bennett her Cabbage Patch Kid
Favorite Food-String Cheese
Birthday Princess!

I'll admit I'm celebrating a bit for myself too. Being a single mom is something I NEVER expected to do. Occasionally I get so sad when I see dads at doctor appointments or photo sessions, or easter egg hunts. I feel like Princess is being jipped because she only has me-she may be a little more spoiled than she should be, but I'm able to do it so why not!!!