Friday, December 21, 2012


Today is the day the world is (supposed) to end. Thanks for all the drama Mayans. Its now 12:30 pm on Friday and everyone is alive and kicking. Not that I believed ANY of that but its nice to seeit didnt happen.

So its already December 2012. Good grief where did this year go? Christmas is just a few days away. I'm pretty much done except for gifts for 2 people, and I have NO clue what I'm getting either of them. Princess's Christmas is done and almost all of it is wrapped. I've realized I can no longer go to the stores because I keep finding stuff to get her. I need to STOP IT. But I think she will have a wonderful Christmas. This is the first year she seems to really GET the whole Santa thing. We've talked about him, she got to see him at school, and she knows there is a naughty list. We are stuck on Rudolph right now. I bought her the Rudolph old school videoj (with Hermy and Claire and the Abominable Snowman) as well as the book and a stuffed Rudolph. And she is constantly singing the song. I'm basically over every Christmas song by now. We have the whole family coming to MY house and I'm super excited, but stressing cause it will be a lot of people, but still looking forward to it. Maybe mainly because I dont have to leave the house! But I'm looking forward to it. It appears he dad is even going to participate this year, as he has already bought her a gift! I'm shocked, but so happy. Especially since he got her something I know she is going to love.

I guess I need to start thinking about my New Years Resolutions.