Monday, April 29, 2013

My first 1K!

So my company sponsors many 5Ks around our fair city here. Many. Cause you know that a beer after a run is hydrating right? Duh. So all these runs and 6 years of working out the details on them and I've never actually ran. I've considered it. I've said 'heck yeah I'll do that!'. I've asked the manager over the event if we have comps. But I've always at the last minute (last, really? who are you kidding) decided I couldn't, or I hurt, or I had something else to do.

Well, my mother of all people decides she wants to do a 5K (she's crazy right). So I say 'hey, how about we do the R&S run? I get comps!' and she says.....ok great! See you then.

Wait, what?

So I entered her, myself and princess in the 1K cause come on-like I'm REALLY going to run a 5K without a serial killer running after me or a horse with a donut tied to a string running in front of me. The day of the run is beautiful and perfect. We all gear up in our cute little t-shirts and head out. We line up at the starting line and start our walk at the gunshot. Princess is SO excited she is sort of galloping while holding her hand and my oh so helpful mother suggests I run. Ok why not-she's four and her legs are like a half a foot long, how fast can she REALLY be? faster than me for sure. And she doesn't want to stop. "Come on moMMAAA" she's yelling back at me. Oh yes, back because she is a good 6 feet ahead of my fat ass. I finally catch up and make her slow down and she just keeps going like a little energizer bunny on crack. We round the U-turn and head back, passing my mom who waves and keeps walking on her little way. We RAN all but about 20 steps of that 1K. We cross the finish line and get a high five from the mascot there cheering us on and a pretty little blue ribbon. Princess yells 'i'm a winner!'. I am hoping I don't keel over from lack of oxygen. We wait for my mom to cross the finish line and huff and puff (I'm the only one huffing-mom was smart and walked and of course the crack-bunny is FINE and ready to run again) up to the party and the water and the shade.

So I'm actually proud of all of us for completing the 1K. I'm not hurting as much as expected although the arch of my foot is a bit painful. What did I realize-I really really do HATE to run. But I can do it when chasing a 4 year old. And when I know there is ice cream waiting for me afterwards.

We are planning to do another one next week. I've apparently lost my mind.

Sassy pants before

Goddess & Princess after crossing the finish line!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

I've been at my job a whopping 6 years now. Its a good place, as far as the amazing friends I have and my boss is great at doing 'that little extra'. Like sending me flowers for my very own holiday. Admin work is so grueling and stressful sometimes, and I think people forget that if it wasn't for the office staff, your company might have some issues-like paying your invoices, helping your customers, paying your employees and basically doing all the paperwork so to speak. I was reading on a board I frequent today that many admins get no appreciation whatsoever and that makes me sad. Admin work is hard, its usually underpaid (cause really what does an admin do that is soooo important?)
That alone drives me bonkers. People think that office work is less important than sales, or being the nurse or doctor, or whatever-I think people forget that these 'paper-pushers' are the ones who keep your business running smoothly.

I'm so happy that I'm lucky enough to work for a boss who very much appreciates what we do around here. I got beautiful flowers and a delicious lunch as well as some very pretty flowers from the president of our division. Its a wonderful change to be recognized for the work you do and have someone take notice.

Now, to be honest, I just love getting flowers, and I'll take them any way I can, so having TWO gorgeous bouquets on my desk (and Lordy do they smell awesome) has made me giddy as a little girl. Add to that the fact I got an amazing gorgeous stunning red rose this past Sunday and I feel like a florally spoiled lady this week! (the rose is from someone who may get his own post someday ;) )

So to all my fellow administrative professionals, I hope that your boss takes a moment to express his/her gratitude for the work you do and the crap you may put up with. I hope that its a wonderful day for you all.
Admin Day flowers - beautiful!

Stunning rose from a special guy

Monday, April 15, 2013

Surviving a 4 year old

Here I thought 4 year olds would be SO much easier than 3. She can communicate better, she can dress herself, is fully potty trained, tells me stories and is pretty good at cleaning up....which she clearly ONLY wants to do at school. Really kid?

This weekend feels like I was swept into the eye of a hurricane. All around me I could see destruction and chaos and I couldn't do anything about it. We finally had a weekend where we had NO plans and since I'm heading to my mommy's graduation mid-week we decided to not do our usual trip to gramma's house and stay home and 'spring clean'. Pretty sure the ONLY thing that is still clean from this weekend is my scalp from pulling all my hair out. Every inch I cleaned Hurricane Princess swept behind me with race cars, Jessie, an assortment of My Little Ponies, every piece of linen for her bed and a 5 foot long stuffed alligator. That makes my brain hurt just remembering it all! Nothing is safe. Including the poor cat. Princess loves to play tea party, dress up and princess with poor Sammy, but Sammy is as sweet as can be and lets her do pretty much whatever she wants to her. Now THAT is love.

What I am really loving though is seeing parts of me in her.

 How amazing it is to watch her imagination. I feel like I was pretty imaginative when I was younger, I remember being able to play alone and never be bored. Oh the stories and adventures I could go on. And watching her sit in the living room with her MLP's having tea with Batman and Superman before watching the Little People princess marry the Spiderman is better than any tv show I could imagine. Luckily she also seems to LOVE books and coloring. She would probably lay on the floor and color for hours if I had enough paper in the house. As it is now we have a very large STACK of completely filled coloring books and probably 200 crayons in the house. Not to mention the markers and colored pencils (are they still called map pencils? does that show how old I am?) And the books. She has certain books memorized because she has me read them to her every night. Sometimes the same book 2 or 3 times.  I'm dying for her to learn to actually read so I can watch HER read. Is that weird? hm probably. Anyhow.

The difference and 3 and 4 is just amazing. The imagination, the ability to carry on conversations (that actually make sense!), watching her do things for herself-like who knew watching her brush her teeth without my help would make me SO proud, I mean really? But I guess its that 'mommy thing'. Getting ridiculously excited over the little things. I can't imagine what its going to be like when she does the BIG things like her first cheer comp or first time she reads or heck, the first time she ties her shoes all alone! I just am amazed at this tiny little mini-me who looks (and unfortunately ACTS) just like me. Its like having a little clone! But I'm not looking forward to the preteen/teen years. Then, Heaven help me cause the padding in my white room will need to be super thick!

So my post was supposed to be about surviving a 4 year old right? Basically....deep breaths, a lot of patience and lots and lots of wine.....
 (i'm kidding....right?)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Dark Side....Cheerleading

Well its official. All my years of despair of never being the popular head cheerleader (even though I was on drill team) have been vindicated. I'm now a Cheer Mom. I know my friends will hate me, but I can't help it. I'm so excited. Bordering on obsessed perhaps? Maybe because this is something that Princess and I can bond over? I don't really know, I just know my little Sparkler is officially a bow-head and I could NOT be more excited about it. She made the Tiny Show Team for a well ranked gym in the city we will be living in soon. We practice her stretches, facials and back walkovers every night. Its the first thing I've stuck with pretty consistently as far as her daily routine goes. She starts practice next week and gets the whole set up-the practice uniforms, the performance uniforms, we go to competitions and I even volunteered to be a TEAM MOM. Yes, I must be crazy. In fact, I know I am since I am constantly looking at the gyms FB page to make sure I'm not missing anything. They are SO going to hate me over there. Yeah, I'm going to be THAT mom. If only I could control it.

I have to admit, I'm pretty happy Princess is out of the 'baby stage'. It was ok, but I was pretty miserable and stressed out during most of it so I didn't really get to enjoy it. I'm enjoying most of her 4 year old stage, except the crazy tantrums, but I think we are getting a handle on those. So now we get to move on to the fun things like cheer, tumble, and her very first sleepover with 3 of her Marchie friends.

But not to derail myself-this post is all about my giddy excitement over being a cheer mom. I'm trying to not appear TOO over eager by wanting all the shirts, the bows, buying the new car decal (I'm seriously salivating over it-hoping I can wait til next Fridays practice to buy it), and wanting the "Mom" shirt. I know my little fearless daredevil will want to be a flyer, and while on one hand it terrifies me, on the other its probably inevitable since she is the teeniest person on the planet it seems!

I want to be like my BFF who is the ultimate cheer mom. She makes the bows, the big signs, a homemade rattle, the cowbells, she helps with the banquets, the gifts, the gym in general-she is the ultimate Cheer Mom, however, she is at a competitive gym now. I always dreamed Princess would cheer along side her cousin covered in hot pink and zebra but it turns out she was meant to be in the sparkly blue instead.

Get your guns up Princess, you are a cheerleader now!