Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dance, my old I miss you.

So little princess is in the ‘frustrating fours’ right now. She is strong willed, stubborn, independent and well quite honestly quite a little handful. I have NO idea where she gets it from. So we have been struggling with authority and learning respect and so on the past several months. We recently moved to a small town that my friends live in. I chose this town for the quiet, the good schools, the fact that we would be surrounded by people we love and who love us. And its been working pretty well. But that meant my precious little girl was taken away from her friends and her favorite teacher. I knew that was a choice I had to make in order to make a better life for us, so I accepted that she would be hurt and upset and would miss her BFF and her favorite teacher Ms. J. I did NOT anticipate how badly it would affect her and now I’m dealing with that with frequent power struggles, tantrums and crying for her best friend and Ms. J. Its slowly getting better but its been a hard transition. Even though she is sleeping better and has a new school she seems to love and is doing very VERY well in. I get compliments on her work pretty often and her memory simply amazes me. The things she comes home singing is astonishing. Its been rough trying to get our new life situated and losing an important part of our life this past week stung pretty bad, but as always, I'll move on and be strong (ugh I hate that word-it so does NOT describe me) and know that if I'm meant to be in love it will happen again. I hope. Not that I plan to give my heart away again for a reeeeally long time. It still belongs to someone right now and in time it will heal.

To help give her more things to focus on I enrolled her in a Hip Hop class at the gym she cheers at. Last night was her first night. And I got the best compliment a mother could hope for. After class, which I watched on the monitors and although the class was quick-paced she did wonderful at it, her instructor stopped to talk to me. This instructor has a very impressive bio. He has worked with many music artists and has years of experience. He asked if she had taken ballet before, which she had for 2 years and he said she has good technique and was a great student. Not only was he impressed with her dance skills and asked to have her in a technique class he complimented ME on how well I did with her as she was polite and sweet. Something EVERY mother of a sometimes beastly child wants to hear. She has danced non-stop since we got home, even showing me the dance she learned, which for her first class 6 8 counts of a routine and she has almost 4 8 counts done already is so impressive to me. She is such a quick learner. Like a little sponge. Just like her mommy.
Ready to hip and hop!

Sitting there watching her dance though tugged on my heart. It made me think about my own dance days. I used to spend hours at home alone making up dances in my living room or bedroom. I constantly sang and danced around imagining myself choreographing music videos or dance scenes in movies. That movie Burlesque? Yeah I could have totally pictured myself on a stage performing (not stripper-like though). I always caught on to dances really quickly and watching MTV (back in the day when it was actually music videos) I would do the entire dance to any pop song. I’ll admit it, I was dorky.  However, my dream was always to either choreograph music videos or to own my own dance studio and direct a high school drill team. Weird huh? I always wanted to work in a school and teaching dance would have been a great job for me. I love being a teacher and trainer. I want to dance again so bad. But I’m old, fat, lazy, and uninspired. Sad huh? I know I COULD do it again but it’s a matter of figuring out HOW to do it again. Getting my creative inspired side back. I know it would make me happier. But. Getting into shape, finding a dance class and beginning training again all while working 50 hours a week and raising a child alone. Really? I need to get some serious motivation going. Would love to find a good yoga class to get my flexibility back, an adult dance class to get technique back, get back into working out and healthy eating. Sounds easy to do huh? Its not. It wouldn’t be. I can’t do it. Or can I? Hm….

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lucky Charms mix!

So I took this Pin and decided to try it out with my princess to take to our End of Summer pool party.

So you need:
1 box of Lucky Charms cereal (but only about 2 cups of the actual cereal plus all the marshmallows!)
2 cups of toasted rice cereal (or really any chex cereal, I prefer the rice)
2 bags of white chocolate chips
1 container sprinkles

My additions:
Waffle bowls
Pink Lemonade Magic Shell

Start by having your little one take ALL the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. It took my 4 year old like 45 minutes to do this!

marshmallows come out to about 2.5 cups

Melt the white chocolate. Mix in 2 cups of chex cereal and about 2 cups of the lucky charms cereal. I really just added til I felt it was proportionate. It seemed like I had more chocolate than cereal when I followed the original pin.

spread it out on a cookie sheet I had so much that I needed to use TWO cookie sheets. (I put wax paper down first) and let the little one pour sprinkles all over it.
Once it all cools gently mix your marshmallows into it (that's according to the pin, but I actually did it while still laying on the cookie sheet

Princess sprinkling sprinkles!

My plan was to then put the mix in the waffle bowls and pour the magic shell on it BUT the kids didn't even let me get to that point. All the kids loved it and it was all gone by the end of the party!

So pretty!!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Here comes competition season!

Well the Princess is now an All-Star Cheerleader. She is at a local gym and is on the Tiny Show team. Which means they aren't technically be judged. Its that fun stage where they go out and perform and they all get a medal or trophy or something. So I don't get the joy of that 'We won National Champions' excitement or all that, although I will still be cheering for our other teams to get that prestigious title.

We have had practices, camps, uniform fittings. All that fun stuff. Her team will be walking in the local high schools homecoming parade (yay!). She has also started a tumble class. Although at 4 years old it consists of 2 young coaches trying to corral 8 of our 4 year olds to not try to race off to jump in the pit or fly off the tumble trac! Although so far they have been able to work on jump and motion technique and they have been practicing cartwheels and back walk overs. She's really enjoying the tumble part. She keeps asking to go back to gymnastics (which she was only in for one month-a whole 4 sessions) and dance. Which I'm actually searching for a dance class for her. Not sure if I'll do it at her current gym or somewhere else, but she is missing dance like crazy. I'm about to be that crazy mom with dance, cheer, and tumbling. At least the cheer/tumbling is the same day.

I'm actually enjoying sitting up in the parents viewing room with 3 other nice (read:not crazy) cheer moms who's precious daughters are on the same team and also in the tumble class together. Its nice to actually have someone to talk to and know when I go to the cheer comps that we may be able to be 'super cheer moms' all together. Cause yeah, I want to be THAT mom. The t-shirt, the sign, the cowbell, etc. Imagine that! I'm trying to figure out how to break it to my amazing boyfriend that he's gonna have to suck it up and drop his man card in my teal and black (gym colors) purse and come cheer with us. I'm going to need to make sure I get some treats made for him before I drop THAT bomb, but hey, that's what being a cheer "dad" (or moms-boyfriend-who-is-going-to-have-to-be-at-everything-cause-he-loves-us) does! Wonder if I can make him wear feathers? That may be too 'Cheer-Perfection' for our group. I have a feeling that even with our limited number of competitions we will be at (only 5 out of the 10) its going to get crazy. I'm really hoping that she will enjoy it and begin to love it.

And I hope I don't become one of those moms you see on tv. Yikes.

My little Sparkler! Cheezin already!

My yearly 'is it fall yet' post....

I really should go back and look and see what time of year I post this almost exact post every year. I'm so anxious for Fall to show her sweet beautiful face. With her gorgeous colors, the crisp cool air, and the beautiful tastes and smells she brings. Apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg....oh how I love it.

This year weather-wise has been so dadgum crazy. Cold when it should be warm, warm when it should be cold. Right now its roughly in the hot and humid 100's in my little neck of the woods. Every morning I wake up and hope that Mother Nature has decided to surprise me with some crisp 70 degree weather. I get out of bed and take a shower and stare longingly at my boots all lined up nicely on the shelf in my closet. I run my hand over the warm and cozy sweaters hanging in the corner and glance lovingly at the adorable jackets just waiting to be taken outside.  But sadly its already in the 80's at 6:45 am when we leave the house.

We went to visit Gigi this weekend and got Princess the most precious fall outfit. A new pair of jeans (the child is getting some long legs!), a soft fleece cheetah print pullover and some super cute brown boots. She has a perfect 'crisp fall day' outfit. Now I need the crisp fall weather to hurry!

I've already had several of my favorite fall treats though! I made an amazing pumpkin yogurt snack and I've had about 4 Pumpkin Spice Lattes/Frapps from Starbucks. Oh how I love that smell.

Football season has started, NFL opening weekend was yesterday. I don't really have a 'team' so I think maybe this year I'll cheer for the Saints. Why not. I like their uniforms. Their QB ain't bad either.
My college team didn't do so hot this weekend though unfortunately, but I still love my Horns. I'm getting antsy to start pulling out my Halloween decorations, even though I have no fireplace in my little apartment this year. I'm hoping next Fall I'm in a house and will be able to fully decorate and go all out for Halloween AND Christmas. My boyfriend has no idea what he is in for when I'm able to actually let my Fall crazy side out. PUMPKIN SPICE ALL THE THINGS!!!! Yeah, its pretty bad. If its pumpkin scented, flavored, colored I pretty much need to have it. Yes. Need. To. Have. It. Yes.
Well that's it. My sad little post on how much I want the Fall to HURRY. I'll be back later with another sad 'why isn't it cold yet' post soon if Mother Nature doesn't follow my orders and give me my fall!