Friday, September 20, 2013

Lucky Charms mix!

So I took this Pin and decided to try it out with my princess to take to our End of Summer pool party.

So you need:
1 box of Lucky Charms cereal (but only about 2 cups of the actual cereal plus all the marshmallows!)
2 cups of toasted rice cereal (or really any chex cereal, I prefer the rice)
2 bags of white chocolate chips
1 container sprinkles

My additions:
Waffle bowls
Pink Lemonade Magic Shell

Start by having your little one take ALL the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. It took my 4 year old like 45 minutes to do this!

marshmallows come out to about 2.5 cups

Melt the white chocolate. Mix in 2 cups of chex cereal and about 2 cups of the lucky charms cereal. I really just added til I felt it was proportionate. It seemed like I had more chocolate than cereal when I followed the original pin.

spread it out on a cookie sheet I had so much that I needed to use TWO cookie sheets. (I put wax paper down first) and let the little one pour sprinkles all over it.
Once it all cools gently mix your marshmallows into it (that's according to the pin, but I actually did it while still laying on the cookie sheet

Princess sprinkling sprinkles!

My plan was to then put the mix in the waffle bowls and pour the magic shell on it BUT the kids didn't even let me get to that point. All the kids loved it and it was all gone by the end of the party!

So pretty!!

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