Monday, September 09, 2013

My yearly 'is it fall yet' post....

I really should go back and look and see what time of year I post this almost exact post every year. I'm so anxious for Fall to show her sweet beautiful face. With her gorgeous colors, the crisp cool air, and the beautiful tastes and smells she brings. Apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg....oh how I love it.

This year weather-wise has been so dadgum crazy. Cold when it should be warm, warm when it should be cold. Right now its roughly in the hot and humid 100's in my little neck of the woods. Every morning I wake up and hope that Mother Nature has decided to surprise me with some crisp 70 degree weather. I get out of bed and take a shower and stare longingly at my boots all lined up nicely on the shelf in my closet. I run my hand over the warm and cozy sweaters hanging in the corner and glance lovingly at the adorable jackets just waiting to be taken outside.  But sadly its already in the 80's at 6:45 am when we leave the house.

We went to visit Gigi this weekend and got Princess the most precious fall outfit. A new pair of jeans (the child is getting some long legs!), a soft fleece cheetah print pullover and some super cute brown boots. She has a perfect 'crisp fall day' outfit. Now I need the crisp fall weather to hurry!

I've already had several of my favorite fall treats though! I made an amazing pumpkin yogurt snack and I've had about 4 Pumpkin Spice Lattes/Frapps from Starbucks. Oh how I love that smell.

Football season has started, NFL opening weekend was yesterday. I don't really have a 'team' so I think maybe this year I'll cheer for the Saints. Why not. I like their uniforms. Their QB ain't bad either.
My college team didn't do so hot this weekend though unfortunately, but I still love my Horns. I'm getting antsy to start pulling out my Halloween decorations, even though I have no fireplace in my little apartment this year. I'm hoping next Fall I'm in a house and will be able to fully decorate and go all out for Halloween AND Christmas. My boyfriend has no idea what he is in for when I'm able to actually let my Fall crazy side out. PUMPKIN SPICE ALL THE THINGS!!!! Yeah, its pretty bad. If its pumpkin scented, flavored, colored I pretty much need to have it. Yes. Need. To. Have. It. Yes.
Well that's it. My sad little post on how much I want the Fall to HURRY. I'll be back later with another sad 'why isn't it cold yet' post soon if Mother Nature doesn't follow my orders and give me my fall!

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