Saturday, November 09, 2013

Dreams and goals

So I saw this thing (probably on Pinterest) that says something like 'to know who you love look at where your mind goes when it wanders'. Well I think that's true for WHAT you love too. And lately my wandering mind is going to memories of me dancing, or in the car I'm constantly listening to a song and choreographing a dance to go along with it. Or while I watch Princess making up dances in the living room and get so happy that she loves dance as much as I did.

So all these years I've gone without dancing. Unless you count at a club partying with girlfriends. What a calorie burner! The funny thing is, I didn't start 'professional' dancing until I got in high school. I started taking dance classes as a sophomore through my senior year. I was on drill team. I took some prep classes. I started at a dance studio in high school to prep for drill team tryouts and worked with the younger classes and loved it. I've always enjoyed dancing, which I cover pretty thoroughly in this post so I wont go into it even more now. But that desire to dance or work in a dance field has always been in the back of my mind. I went to TWU as a Dance Major/Education minor because it is one of the top ranked schools for Dance and my dreams were to teach dance to someone-anybody who would take me.  Unfortunately my need to work 2 jobs and join a sorority and find my party side made it a little difficult to complete, the one thing I regret more than anything in my life, however I wouldn't have my precious Princess now.

So now I'm here in my 30s. I haven't danced in many years. I occasionally attempt a high kick to make Princess giggle and then I can't walk for 2 days. But that's all changing. I realized I still have this passion. This ache to dance again. I guess the time we spend in the gym at cheer and dance have brought it back with a vengeance and I miss it. I dream about it. I can't remember the last thing that made me feel so inspired to do something. I'm a licensed Zumba instructor and I'm proud of that. I thought maybe that would sate my desire to teach dance again, but I haven't had the time or energy to work on teaching anywhere or make up a class, even though the girls at work are begging me to (and I'm going to start working on that since we have a big fancy room we might be able to use!) but I know that's not going to be enough for me. Since we started at LCA there has been a couple of times they have posted about trying to find another dance instructor and I feel like this is my nudge telling me that opportunities ARE out there if I will move my lazy booty and do something about it. I'm no where near being able to teach now but I could be in a year from now if I will just GET.ON.IT. And really there's no reason not to. Right?

I've found 3 studios that offer adult classes. 1 is in my hometown and is a jazz/lyrical class. The other 2 are in the big city and are both larger dance schools, one of which is a Contemporary Ballet School. Both would be excellent places to begin. And yes, I'm talking about starting ballet. Ballet is the fundamental basis of dance. Every dance gets its basics from ballet. I don't expect to be en pointe at my age or with my odd feet but I know I can do the basics of ballet (in slippers, NOT pointe shoes!). Do I expect to ever be a Rockette (drool) or go to Julliard? No of course not. Do I expect to become more fit, more graceful, and knowledgable about dance? Absolutley. Soooooo what do I want to do with this dream....Well, clearly dreaming up the next pop star's music video is out. But teach? Yeah. I could do that. My dream was to always open my own studio. I could do that. Maybe. But just to be in a studio again, instilling passion in a young childs heart or training a young dancer to audition for a team or even coach a determined dancer to reach her own dream would be fulfilling. To take my love of dance and music and see it grow in a young soul would be so incredibly. I see it each day in my own daughter and it brings me more joy than I could ever imagine, to do it for a room full of children who are looking for inspiration-that would be the best dream I could have come true. So I'm starting to train. I'm making better food choices, I'm stretching everyday, I'm trying to figure out how to get TO one of the dance classes I've found-I'm going to make it happen.