Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

Its the last day of the year. The day everyone begins making resolutions and plans and goals for the new year. But how many people actually follow through on those? I know I hardly ever do. But here's 2 that I WILL follow through on.

1. Forgive others
2. Be happy

Forgiveness is hard. It may be one of the hardest things for some people to do. I'm terrible at forgiveness. I hold grudges, I get angry very quickly and I NEVER FORGET. But you know what I realized? Forgiveness is more for YOURSELF than it is for the other person. Does the other person deserve your forgiveness? Maybe not. But your own heart does. Your soul does. You shouldn't let the weight of someone else's mistakes or hurtful actions hold you down. Let it go. Not for them, but for you. You deserve a heart free of pain and hurt and the only way to truly get that is to forgive them and move on. Realize that forgiving them doesn't make what they did ok, it simply says 'I'm letting your action go to help myself".  Sometimes people hurt you by accident and sometimes people are just hateful and do it on purpose. I've had my share of both and I know I've hurt people, both on purpose and accident. Some of those people may have forgiven me, some may not and that's something I will live with. But its about my own heart. And my change for 2014 is going to be to realize that if someone hurts me, its their problem, not mine. I will take from it what I can and move on. Forgive them so that my own heart can stay clear. So those who have hurt me in the past, I'm moving on from it. I can't let what you did hold me back. What does holding anger do? Make you bitter maybe. Make you miss the good things. There are so many good things in the world that I can love and appreciate when my soul isn't holding anger, resentment and hate towards anyone. So I urge you to start 2014 with a clean heart. Let go of that pain and anger and forgive those who have hurt you. It will do you more good than you realize to let that weight go. And maybe, you might find that someone you forgive is willing to try to fix it and you may get a stronger relationship from them. Its just a possibility. Just remember that forgiving doesn't erase what happened, it says you are ready to move on and look to happier days. With or without that person is entirely up to you.  My Irish temper has always sought revenge, but really what does that do? Karma is a much better revenge than I could ever plot (and I have an incredibly vivid imagination). So its not MY responsibility to pay someone back for what they did. Its my responsibility to take care of my body and not let that negativity stay with me. Make the choice to remove the negativity and move on.

Be happy. Why is that so hard? Why is that something people struggle with? Happiness is inside you. I promise.  You can make the choice to live life happy or live it sad. Why would you choose sadness? There are things all around you that can hold you down, but YOU can make the decision to not let them keep you down. YOU can make the decision to do more, be more, have more. Is it easy to get more? No, probably not-I'll find out here in a few weeks exactly how hard it is to be more. Is it easy to wake up each morning and say "I will make this a good day"? Yep. Sure is. You know how I know? I made that decision to wake up each day and find something beautiful in it. Some days are harder, but every single day has a lovely moment that you can draw happiness from. Maybe it won't smack you in the face but taking a moment to stand outside and take a deep breath of fresh clean air, or smile at a stranger, or see a mother hug her child. Those are simple lovely moments that you can draw happiness out of. Sounds silly right? Yeah I can see that, but then again, is it going to hurt anything to try it? Nope. There is a world of beauty and happiness out there, and there is no reason why you can't take one of those happy moments and make it yours. Send a compliment to someone, tell someone you appreciate them, listen to a song that brings back a great memory, listen to a child's laughter (that is the best remedy for anything-a pure sound of innocence and joy) all those things-they make your heart happy. They make your soul happy. They make you smile. I am a huge believer in music helping you feel better and I read something that said singing out loud can release endorphins, I never knew that but once I read that I thought oh....so that's why I always feel so good after I sing (badly) out loud. Huh. Realization is a fantastic thing. Find a song and SING. With your whole body. I guarantee you will feel better, maybe even laugh and we all know that laughter is beautiful from anyone. We should all strive to laugh more.

So for 2014 I seriously urge you to think about these 2 things to make you live a better life. Will it hurt to try either of them? Nope, probably not. But maybe at midnight tonight you can exhale the pain and anger out and start your first breath of 2014 happy, with an open heart, open mind and a happier soul. Its what I plan to do.

Have a safe New Years Eve. Celebrate responsibly.

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