Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My Birth Story (5 years later)

I can't believe my little baby is going to be 5 in one week. It still feels like I just left the hospital. I never wrote out my birth story so as I reflect on the days my life changed forever, here it is. Mostly just in print for myself to always remember, but if any of my pregnant friends are interested, well there it is! Apparently sharing birth stories is a 'thing'. I'm not cool so I never did it. Til now. Modified at least for the public.

Not gonna lie, I had a pretty miserable pregnancy. In fact so bad that I tell people don't do it. But anyhow. I had very high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and my face and feet swelled so much I had to buy new shoes! I also had constant morning sickness that was so bad I couldn't keep anything down. Not even water. Looking at my notes from my OB I only gained 19 pounds total, that's how bad it was. I mostly lost weight, especially in the beginning. The only things I wanted to eat were pineapple, mangos, salad and Mexican food. Almost everything else made me sicker than I already was. I don't remember being overly emotional, but I do remember a few instances of driving my very short (thank goodness) drive to work and crying at the homeless people lining the street. I did lots of singing to my belly. How weird is that. I remember singing lots of Staind and Taylor Swift's Love Story. Don't ask why. I was weird when pregnant (and just in general I suppose however I hate that song now).

I had this super adorable little one bedroom apartment in the swanky "Medical District" of my big city. It was cute but loud. Construction was going on all around it. I didn't sleep well anyhow, so the noise didn't exactly keep me up but it was irritating. And everything irritated me. Still does actually. I was pretty bitchy while I was pregnant, but considering I wasn't expecting to even BE pregnant and her dad wasn't around at all I think I deserved to be bitchy. I was also throwing up EVERY.FIVE.MINUTES. Literally. I would have to pull over in a parking lot to throw up. That's how bad that 'morning' (lies) sickness was. So that made me pretty irritable as well. Once I got farther along and Princess started growing to add to my constant pain and discomfort she decided her sweet precious little FOOT needed to reside in my rib cage. Basically the last month was her using my rib cage as a xylophone with her feet. And she still has some serious strength in those legs! But watching her move around in my belly was really cool, after you get over the freakiness of watching an elbow pass under your skin.

Each of my doc appts I went to my great OB would ask me 'Are you taking it easy? Do I need to give you a note for bed rest?' and of course I always said no. And she would look at my BP and tell me to slow down or she would make the decision anyway.

Well I finally pushed her limit I guess and she put me on bed rest around the beginning of March. Princess was due March 30. My doc finally decided that with my high blood pressure that she wanted to induce me on March 16th. I had my final baby shower at work thanks to the work bestie on Tuesday March 10 and my water broke at 11:57 pm on Wednesday March 11. I had a chicken enchilada type thing from Taco Bell and watched Dancing with the Stars in my bed. I remember getting up to go pee for the zillionth time and as I laid back down and tried in vain to find a comfortable position to fall back asleep in I felt what could only be described as a (watch for the TMI here) a water balloon popping in your crotch.  I got up and went in the bathroom and distinctly remember saying out loud 'are you kidding me child?' I waddled to the living room where my mother was peacefully sleeping while dialing the after hour number for my OB and saying 'hey, we need to leave'. I'm pretty sure she didn't believe me at first. I was thrilled when I called and found out my OB was actually on call that night since I went to an office with 4 docs (3 female 1 male-I hate male doctors). My mom probably made the hardest drive of her life driving my Kia Sportage that she had never driven before at night through a somewhat unfamiliar place while I tried to figure out WTF was going to happen next. I don't remember being panicked, just uncomfortable and thinking 'I'm ruining my seat here'. I had a pillow and a towel. I don't think I even had an overnight bag. Oops.

At the hospital I was put in a room with an IV, a catheter, and a blood pressure monitor. The nurses were friendly and told me to rest. Yeah right. The BP cuff was set to take my BP every 15 mins so I'd just start to relax and the stupid thing would go off. As it turns out my wonderful OB was OFF HER ROTATION AT MIDNIGHT. So the next doc would be delivering my child. The male doc. Hey buddy, I've only met you once but go ahead and get up close and personal with my girly regions. That's not awkward at all. Nope. But it turned out he was pretty freakin awesome. And the nurses were pretty great too, in fact as I was lying there contracting and deciding on an epidural and trying to NOT freak out that a tiny human was about to be squeezed out of me, the nurse, my mom and my best friend of a zillion years were discussing apps to make your iPhone have a flash. Yeah I remember that. A few friends stopped in to keep us company, the long time bestie Whit, the short time bestie JL (who very lovingly agreed to be in the delivery room with me even though she might faint. I generously let her leave), and the work bestie D.

I managed to hold out on the epidural until the nurse finally said if I didn't get it then more than likely I would miss the window. It wasn't as bad as I expected although I'd spent the last 7 months being so miserable that I just think I gave up on the pain getting to me. I think I started pushing at about 2:30 pm and 4 short pushes at 2:47 pm on Thursday March 12 2009 Princess was here! All 10 fingers and all 10 toes were perfect. My mom and my bestie Whit were in the room by my side to welcome her into the world.

The rest of the stay was a blur of a private room that I desperately wanted sleep in (and a Dr. Pepper which is the first thing my mom brought me!). It was cold and raining and the weekend of the big St. Pats parade. I went home that Saturday. My little brother came to pick us up and drive me and the Princess home and I'm pretty sure he only drove 10 mph the whole way.

The few days after that were a blur of sleepless nights, crying (her and me), bottles, trying to find a cozy position to sleep in (a big blanket on the floor of the living room worked well). Oh those first days. Terror at being responsible for this teeny little thing that you feel you would break just touching. But the enormous amount of love that fills your heart can't be measured or even described.

And now, this precious little thing is about to turn 5.

I love you sweet Princess, even with your craziness and drama I could not be any happier or more proud of the lovely, sweet, and kind hearted little girl you are. I love your curiosity, your imagination, how generous you are with the hand drawn pictures you love to pass out and your ability to always share, and most of all that crazy giggle that always makes me laugh no matter how mad I might be. You brighten every day my little princess.

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